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Free Vintage Vector Elements

If you liked “14 Free Retro Fonts for Vintage Designs” that I posted yesterday, then you may be happy with today’s post as well. Continuing with the vintage and retro theme, I have found roughly 35 free vintage vector elements to add that vintage look to your designs. These free vintage vector elements are very decorative. Use these separately, or combine them to create a unified look to your vintage designs.

Free Vintage Vector Elements

These free vintage vector elements are great for all types of projects. There are a good mix of different elements here. Some have leaves and are floral based. Others have swirls and look really fancy and elegant. This is important for an authentic vintage feel. Styles from the past were really ornamental. They were very decorative and contained a lot of embellishments to demonstrate a lot of craftsmanship. You could use some of these free vintage vector elements to frame text. The key to using these properly is combining them with good vintage or retro typefaces, like the ones found in yesterday’s post.

Free Vintage Vector Elements in Use

As you can see in the example above, I combined EastMarket, which is a free retro font from yesterday’s collection with a few if the free vintage vector elements to create a vintage look in Adobe Illustrator. Next, I would drop this into Photoshop and add a little texture to the design. I would add a mask and distress the type and the foliage a little, and the piece would look like an old vintage design.


You can do a lot with a collection of resources like these. Combining them and mixing and matching them will allow you to create endless combinations. Adding textures and vintage colors to these elements will further strengthen your designs and make them look even more like authentic vintage or retro work. Which of these free vintage vector elements are your favorite? To download, click the green download button below.