Produkta Html5 Responsive Template

This week is sort of a combo package of html5 one page responsive templates. Produkta was created by and is the html5 template of the week. Want to show off products? This html5 template set will allow you to do that. Want to collect emails and count down to a website’s launch date? There’s a template for that, too. The Produkta html5 responsive template bundle is a great collection of landing pages. They each have their own unique look, and you can use these for a variety of purposes. Below is a preview of the Produkta Html5 Responsive Template set.

Produkta Html5 Responsive Template

The Produkta Html5 Responsive Template looks great, and shows off your products in a sleek, minimal style.

Produkta Html5 Responsive Template 2

There are a lot of layout options, which is controlled easily with css.

Produkta Html5 Responsive Template 6

Make your apps and products look great, with plenty of room for a nice image and a lot of descriptive text. The action button really stands out against the muted background.

Produkta Html5 Responsive Template 5

One of the coolest aspects of the Produkta Html5 Responsive Template is the coming soon template that counts down until the website launch date. What’s especially nice is that you can collect email addresses, enabling you to collect a database of interested visitors. When it is time for your site to launch, you can email them, letting them know.

Produkta Html5 Responsive Template 4

This version shows off the ability to display a promotional video for your product or service.


The footer of the Produkta Html5 Responsive Template is clean and minimal. It is 3 columns and includes a section for testimonials and a simple contact form. There’s also a row of unobtrusive social media icons so others can connect with you on other platforms.

Download the Produkta Html5 Responsive Template

To download this collection of templates, click the button below to view the demo or to download.

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