Quiktip: Grids in Indesign

You can set up a good grid from the start of a new document in Indesign. When the New Document pops up, you can set the number of columns in your document. I tend to use either 3 or 5 columns. You can use as many as you want. I tend to try to keep it simple and to the...

Quiktip: Key Commands For Type

When creating type in Photoshop, and you are looking for just the right display face, it helps to use the key commands to get things just how you want them. If you double click your text icon next to the layer, it will highlight your text. Then, simply go up to the...

Quiktip: Paths & Selections

You can easily make a path a selection, and make a selection a path. You have a lot of flexibility, because you can also make a mask a selection, which you can make into a path, or you can Command-click (ctrl-click on the PC) a layer with an object isolated on it, and...

Quiktip: Have The Masks Panel

The masks panel is a big help, because you can easily edit and refine your masks via a handy panel. From the masks panel, you can define the density of your mask, which is very handy. Instead of having a black and white mask, the density setting lessens the affect, as...
Land DREAM CLIENTS: Build a successful design business.
Land DREAM CLIENTS: Build a successful design business.

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