Superclean Free Responsive Website Template

The free html5 template of the week is the Superclean Free Responsive Website Template. It is made with the Foundation 5 framework, which means it is totally responsive. It is clean and simple, and is meant to be used as a solid base template for just about any website. Some of the features include a responsive design, a flexible menu, and nice selection of portfolio layouts. The Superclean Free Responsive Website Template is free to download and use personally or commercially, and requires no attribution. You can preview the Superclean Free Responsive Website Template below.

Superclean Free Responsive Website Template

The Superclean Free Responsive Website Template includes 3 separate portfolio layouts. These include a 2 column layout, a 3 column layout and a 4 column layout. There’s also a contact page with a live Google map that spans the width of the browser. The top navigation menu is responsive, and when it is viewed on a mobile device, it degrades to a single button.

Download the Superclean Free Responsive Website Template

Superclean is a free html5 website template that you can download and use in your projects. Use it for your portfolio website. It would be great for a designer or a photographer. The simple layout makes it easy to adapt to any business. Knowing that it is built with Foundation 5 means that this template is well-built and will be consistent on most mobile devices. To download Superclean, simply click the download link below to be taken to the download page. You’ll need to subscribe to my newsletter, but that is the only requirement. If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll receive a download link to Superclean in this week’s newsletter. That’s one of the perks of being a subscriber. When I create something new, you get it right in your inbox. If you want to see a live demo, click the link below, and you can explore a live version of Superclean.


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  1. Great looking template, but unfortunately doesn’t work on big displays (at least, on a Mac) Main image is range left leaving a big white gap on the right

    1. Neil, I appreciate your comment. I didn’t anticipate that someone would use my image, so it was meant as a placeholder image. I thought someone would most likely drop their own image in there. WHen I get time, I will place a larger version of the image in there.

      1. Sorry George, hadn’t thought of that. In my ignorance of all things coded I thought it was something to do with CSS/HTML. Its a nice looking template – thank you 🙂

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