I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for a little over a decade now. In the time the illustrator’s been around not much as changed about it. It’s still a great vector drawing program, and as time goes along and make minor improvements to it. With every update, illustrator users are hoping for major improvements in usability and functionality. With this update there are a few added features that make using Adobe Illustrator a little easier. In this video, I’ll show you a couple of the new features in the latest upgrade for Adobe illustrator.

Everybody knows that the pen tool is really annoying to use for drawing. I never could stand using the pen tool, because nothing ever turned out like you want to. Having to go back and edit points and mess around with the Bezier curves really consumed a lot of time. However, a minor adjustment may help save some time when using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. They added the feature where it shows you what your stroke will look like before you place the next anchor point. This gives you some idea of what your actions are going to do.

New Features in Adobe Illustrator

The pencil tool also received an upgrade. I don’t know if you ever tried drawing with the pencil tool, but it was a real pain, especially if you’re drawing with a mouse. I have a drawing tablet, and even using it with the pencil tool didn’t produce the results I want. However, Adobe added the ability to smooth out your strokes. You get smoother and more refined drawings that way. This is extremely important when trying to create a smooth and flowing Illustration. You can double-click on the pencil tool and control how precisely it follows your movements.

Conclusion: New Features in Adobe Illustrator

I think the latest upgrades to Adobe illustrator are great, but I still think that Adobe could do a lot more to improve the functionality of Adobe Illustrator. Some features still don’t feel as intuitive as they could, especially when you’re paying for membership to use their products. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Adobe illustrator is one of the best drawing programs for vector graphics, but I think improvements could be more substantial in the future.

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