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Sales Tag Stickers

Whether you’ve been a designer for years, or you’re just starting out, there will come a time in any designer’s career where you’ll have to make a sales ad. It is inevitable. If you are a designer for a retail company, you’re probably making one as we speak. That is what has inspired the free vector file of the week, which is a set of free sales tag stickers. These will be great for creating eye catching sales ads where you want to really emphasize when something’s on sale. Combine a bright red sales tag with large, bold numbers and you’re sure to get attention from anyone that happens to glance at the ad. I have even seen sales tag shapes on billboards before. With these free sales tag stickers, you won’t have to make any of them from scracth. Just drag them and drop them in, change the colors and resize them to the size that you need. Add a little text and you are well on your way. Below is a shot of the free sales tag stickers that you’ll be able to use in your designs.



Think of all of the things that you could use a set of vector sales tags stickers for. You could use them in a newspaper ad, or a mail order catalog. There are several different styles of vector sales tag stickers to make your ads stand out. I especially like the sales tags with ribbons and bows attached to them. They make it look like a gift or a present, further solidifying to the consumer that they are getting a good deal. The fact that they are red, which really stands out, and that they are made as stickers, with a peeling edge, adds dimension to each sales tag, making it stand out even more. What will you use your free vector sales tag stickers for? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Click the button to be taken to the download page.