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Social Kit Photoshop Extension

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Articles, Photoshop | 5 comments

Social Kit

A few weeks back, I shared a template kit for creating your own custom social media graphics and images. Those templates were all set up and ready to go, so that you can just drop your images in and export them for use in social media profiles. It turns out, that there’s a really awesome free Photoshop extension with everything built in. Let’s take a look at the Social Kit Photoshop extension and what it will do.

Social kit Photoshop Extension

Social Kit has an entire social media mockup suite built into one extension. With a push of a button, you can instantly generate a mockup of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. This makes it easy to generate your social media profile graphics and images in record time.



The Facebook section allows you to create a section for your profile,, including your timeline. It also enables you to drop in a mockup of your Facebook app  idea, so you can see how it looks ahead of time. You also have a button for Facebook ads, which enables you to preview your ads in different formats.



The Twitter button will generate an entire Twitter mockup. Like the others, the mockup is layered, so you can just drop in your images and graphics. You can rearrange them, crop them, resize them and make sure they look just how you want them.



The Google button generates a mockup of Google+. You’ll be able to try out post images and your cover image, all inside of Photoshop. The 2nd Google button generates all the different Google Adwords sizes that are available.



The YouTube Button generates a mockup Youtube profile, enabling you to try out your YouTube profile images. The 2nd button generates previews different ad overlays for your videos. This makes sure your video ads are polished with little effort.


The Social Kit Photoshop extension is an excellent free plugin for generating mockups of social media pages. This will save you tons of time from the trial and error process of creating profile images and graphics. To download the Social Kit Photoshop Extension, click the link below.

Download Social Kit

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