The Dream Desk – The MKBHD Setup!

Authoritatively administrate long-term high-impact e-business via parallel web services. Synergistically synergize equity invested infrastructures whereas integrated infrastructures. Globally whiteboard customer directed resources after multimedia based metrics....

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The New Macbook Pros: Trading Practicality for Innovation

I've Always Been an Apple Fan...But not for the New Macbook Pros I have been an avid Apple supporter for a couple of decades. I’ve owned PCs and they seemingly fell apart under my workload. There were always compatibility issues and you needed a driver for everything....

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Why I’m Not So Sure About The New Macbook

The New Macbook May Be a Step Backwards For Apple I've had the privilege of using Macs since I was 16 years old. My first computer was the Bondi blue iMac from the 90s. I've also used PCs, so my opinion comes from an unbiased standpoint. I've always been behind Apple,...

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A Truthful Review of OSX Mountain Lion

Review of OSX Mountain Lion Forethought I want to start out by saying that I have always been an Apple customer, since I started using computers 20 years ago. The imac was actually my first computer. I am not biased to Apple, though, as I have used and owned both...

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Why I buy Apple: My Personal Experience

In this day and age, customer service seems like a rarity, but I had an experience this past week with the Apple Store that really made me a loyal customer for life. I was filled with excitement 2 weekends ago, because I was in  a position where it was time to upgrade...

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My Take on Steve Jobs and Flash

I am sure that everyone has heard the buzz going on around the internet with Steve Jobs not supporting Flash on Apple devices. I have gotten dozens of emails asking my take on this issue, which I will address. While I am not an avid animator, I certainly understand...

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