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Getting Educated In Web Design

Getting Educated In Web Design Are you a computer whiz who possesses the creative flare of Tim Burton and the artistic finesse of Salvador Dali? Do you dream of using your unique blend of talents to add excitement to the worldwide web? Well, thanks to the plethora of...

11 Amazing Free Vector Animal Designs

11 Vector Animal Designs Creating vector artwork of animals can be  daunting task. People study art for years, just to be able to recreate the human physique in their artwork. Imagine the work that goes into recreating convincing animal forms. Whenever you come across...

How to Convert Pantone to Paint

Convert Pantone to Paint When it comes to design, there’s not much that I haven’t seen or heard over the past few years. I started out as a print designer, and shifted into web design and development. I enjoy making things, but I am still a graphic...