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Reasons why I like Bluehost so much

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress | 0 comments

Bluehost Webhosting

You’ll like Bluehost, too.

My former hosting company was terrible. They treated web hosting like it was a privilege for you to have. I gave them my money time after time, in exchange for absolutely horrible service. When I was first starting out, I didn’t have any problems. However, as my main website grew, they couldn’t keep my website up. I had to call them almost every other day because of some issue with my website. My website was constantly down, which was frustrating and cost me a lot of money. I look back with discussed think about all the traffic that I lost, and potential lifelong readers that I’ve missed out on due to bad web hosting. When I switched the Bluehost, all of my problems went away. Bluehost is everything that I ever wanted in a web hosting company. Below, all to you some of the features that will make you realize why you should light Bluehost, too.

Unlimited domains

You can host unlimited websites with just one hosting plan. If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur like me, then this is definitely to your benefit. I’m a web designer/web developer, and I like to explore new business ideas. Having the ability to host as many websites as I want on one hosting plan, means that I don’t have any added expenses for hosting more sites. I can create a site, test it, and see how it does at a low-cost. This is great for any entrepreneur ambitious enough to run multiple sites.

Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited email accounts means that if you build a team of people around your business, you can give them business email accounts at no extra charge. Your emails are much more trusted when they come from your domain name then from Gmail or

Unlimited hosting space

You can host as many sites as you need on a Bluehost hosting account. You also get unlimited file transfer, so that you can transfer files to and from your websites as needed. With their shared hosting plan, you can host roughly 100 WordPress sites as well. Keep in mind this is shared hosting, so you’ll have to share resources with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of other site owners.

Optimized hosting for WordPress

Bluehost recently decided to start offering managed WordPress hosting. This is a big deal because they handle everything for you such as content delivery networks, and it WordPress security. You can host five sites with ManageWP as well. This particular interface allows you to manage your WordPress sites all from one area. You get a lot of storage with this managed hosting plan, coming in at a nice 30 GB of storage. You also get 30 GB of backup storage. Their managed WordPress hosting is fairly inexpensive on top of all of that. For the basic blogger plan, it is only $12.49 per month and then $24.99 each additional month. They also offer professional plans with up to 300 million visits per month. The server is also twice as powerful and you get twice as much storage. Your website backup is also upgraded to the Pro version. This is $37.50 for the first month, and $74.99 for each additional months. Keep in mind this is managed hosting. Their next tier is called the business plan, and it doubles everything from there. You can have up to 600 million visits per month, you get 120 GB of regular storage, and backup storage. You also get a positive SSL added to the list of benefits. This costs $60 for the first month, and $120 per month for each additional month. This is comparable, and competitive with other managed WordPress hosting companies. If you’re looking for managed hosting you should deftly check out Bluehost.

Customer service

Bluehost customer service is impeccable. I used to dread having to call customer service at my old hosting company, because I never knew what type of service I was going to end up with. Most of the time I ended up with apathetic people, the had no idea what they were doing. They could care less whether your site was down, or whether or not they could get it back up again. They were not trained to handle WordPress, even though it is a service that they provided. If you had a problem with your WordPress site, most of the time you were on your own.

Bluehost’s customer service rocks! Every time I run into a problem, which is usually something I caused myself, I can contact them and they will have a solution in minutes. If they don’t have a solution immediately, they will consult with others and find out the answer. I’ve never had a situation where they’ve left me hanging, because they didn’t know what the problem or the solution was. On top of all of that, they are extremely friendly and knowledgeable in their field. Most of them can provide helpful tips that will improve your website performance.

One click installs

When I need to install WordPress or any other script, I can go into the cPanel, find the script I’m looking for, choose the domain I want to run it on, and click a button and make it happen. You can get much easier than this. I don’t have to fiddle around with China figure out their interface. All I have to do is simply login do what I need and get out.


Bluehost comes with a lot of extra features and add-ons to improve the performance of your website. They include things like spam protection for your email accounts free of charge. They do have premium spam protection, but most of the time this isn’t necessary. Their free versions are robust enough for most businesses. Another essential add-on for every website that I create is Cloudflare. If you want your WordPress site to run blazingly fast, then net you’ll want to use this service. Not only is it an excellent CDN, it has added features that you want to take advantage of. Cloudflare will cache your site, and minify your JavaScript and CSS files. They will also optimize your site to be as fast as it possibly can be. This is essential for happy visitors in a fast load speed.


If you’re looking for reliable web hosting that won’t break the bank, Bluehost is the web hosting company of choice. For a reasonable price, you can host unlimited domains, unlimited websites, and just a little over 100 WordPress sites on a simple hosting plan. Bluehost Web hosting is packed with features to make your sites extremely fast and reliable. It’s my professional opinion, that Bluehost is the best web hosting company that you will ever find on the web.

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