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Who Is the Best Webhosting Company?

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress | 0 comments

Who Is the Best Webhosting Company?

When you first set out to build your own website, or you’re a designer who builds websites for others, webhosting is one of the most importance choices you’ll make. Using a terrible webhosting company will kill your online business in no time. If you build websites for clients, or you’re a blogger for a living, it can be embarrassing when your website is down. It can ruin your reputation, and every second your site is down, you’re losing money. Many people ask “Who is the best webhosting company?” which is determined by a number of factors. I’ll cover these factors, along with who is the best webhosting company, and why.

1. Customer Service


To me, there is nothing more important from a webhosting company than great customer service. I have had poor customer service before. It can turn an already terrible situation even worse. One reality that everyone has to face is that you’re website is going to go down – eventually. It may happen once in a blue moon, but it will happen. Having quality customer service means that when you call, they can assess the problem, diagnose what the trouble is, and provide a solution. Customer service also has the responsibility of showing that they care, and listen to your thoughts and concerns. Customer service has to know their stuff, so that they can actually help you.

I have had webhosting companies that could care less about your problems, don’t know how to fix them, and will do everything but flat out tell you that it’s your problem. That is one of the reasons that I left my previous hosting company. They hosted WordPress sites, but couldn’t troubleshoot any issues. Also, they couldn’t keep the site up to save their lives. Every other day my website was down. which brings me to my next point…

2. Uptime

Your site is your livelihood. You drive loads of traffic to it to bring in sales, sign ups, and as many pageviews as possible. Every second that your site is down, you’re losing money. Up time for your website is extremely important. It is one of the most important factors that you consider when buying web hosting. When your website is down it can ruin your reputation and it is costing you valuable revenue. Imagine every visitor that comes to your website to find nothing or broken links or your website doesn’t display properly. This is embarrassing and it takes away from your credibility. People only want to follow people that are serious about their business and if you can’t even keep your website up and people will think that you’re not serious about your business. Every little thing that you can do to establish yourself as the authority in your niche where your market is only an added feather in your cap. Many hosting companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. However I’ve only seen or heard of a handful that actually back up what they say. Companies like Hostgator and Bluehost guarantee 99.9% uptime. I use Bluehost and I rarely ever been down. If my site does go down on a rare basis every resource available is dedicated to getting that site back up.

3. Hardware & Abundance of Resources

Hardware is just as important as uptime. The faster the servers and the more robust the hosting company’s hardware is the better and faster your site will run factors such as the actual hosting space that your allotted file transfer and the servers themselves can have a major impact on your hosting experience. Many web hosts limit you on what you’re allowed to do. They limit you on the number of websites that you can have on their hosting plans or they limit your traffic. This can really kill your website. Imagine paying for hosting service for only so many people can come to your website. This is problematic and I don’t know why anyone would sign up with the hosting company that limited their ability to connect with their visitors and customers. Bluehost has unlimited hosting space unlimited file transfer and their servers relatively fast and stable. I’ve had hosting at other places where they couldn’t keep my website up for more than a day or two but since I’ve moved my website to Bluehost it is constantly up and it runs fast. I’m extremely happy with their web hosting service has a whole.

4. Support

Support is another big issue. This goes along with customer service sort of. However I consider customer service and support two separate entities. Customer service looks after needs with your actual account while support helps with your technical needs. I’ve had hosting with other places where their support was terrible. There’s nothing worse than calling someone needing technical support and they can’t help you. Imagine calling technical support and they know less than you do. Why would any hosting company host WordPress if they can’t support it? That was one of the problems I had with my last hosting company. Combine that with the fact that they couldn’t keep my website up when I called about it they didn’t know how to fix it half the time. It my site would inexplicably go down and when I would call them for help it I would be on the phone for half an hour to 45 minutes sometimes more to get no answers or help at all. This is an outrage when you pay for quality hosting service and you’ve recommended other people to host their websites with this company. With Bluehost I’ve never had that problem. Every single one of their staff members that ever had to contact has been courteous and helpful. They are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of web hosting. They know about word press and MySQL database bases they understand how to troubleshoot issues that can happen with their servers and hosting WordPress websites. I build and run a lot of WordPress websites so it is important that I received support that understands how to host a WordPress site and how to troubleshoot issues when they arise. I have never experienced any point in time where Bluehost’s support couldn’t help me.

5. A Great CPanel Setup

Who Is the Best Webhosting Company: cPanel

A great cPanel set up is extremely important with that your web hosting as well. CPanel is where you perform all of your tasks with your web hosting service. My last web hosting service didn’t even have an actual cPanel they didn’t believe it. Their interface was strangely built and you would have to call technical support every time you need to find something. Being able to access things like your email accounts and create new email users is extremely important. The cPanel should be easy to navigate so that these tasks can be easy. This is one thing I like about Bluehost’s cPanel they have a one click install for WordPress you can also manage your email accounts easily. All of your domains are easily accessible and you can install a WordPress account instantly. They handle all the set up for you. All you have to do is click the domain name choose your username and password as well as your database username and password. Then you click a few buttons and Bluehost and stalls everything for you and send you an email when it’s finished. You can also access extra features easily and everything is broken down into easy-to-understand categories.

6. The Least Amount of Add-on Fees

Everyone likes extra features. I hate having to pay extra for something that I think should be included. When you buy a domain name I believe that you should be able to have a couple of email accounts that coincide with that domain name. When you’re running a business it only makes sense to have an email account for that website. Many hosting companies make you pay for email for traffic spam protection and other features that should be built right in. I strongly disagree with this method and think that many hosting company should offer an all inclusive package. This is one of the main reasons why I really love Bluehost. Not only do you get to host unlimited websites on your account but you can host at 200+ WordPress sites on your account as well. This is excellent because you can create all kinds of websites for your clients or for yourself if you’re an entrepreneur. You also get email accounts for your domains and that features built right into your hosting account. You don’t have to pay any extra fees which I think is phenomenal. You also get spam protection for your email at no charge. They have two or three methods that are free. If you want to upgrade to a premium spam protection You can but the features that the free ones offer work just as well. Another feature that Bluehost offers that many others don’t is a built-in content delivery network. You get a free version of Cloudflare which is a CDN that will boost your website speed and offers cachet. I can’t believe that this feature is built right into your account. You can upgrade to the premium service but the free service does offer a great boost in speed for your site.

7. Pricing

I know I just talked about add-on fees, but I think pricing in general is another factor. Even if you didn’t get anything else except excellent, stable hosting, their monthly price of $3.99 is an excellent deal. Even if Bluehost stopped right there, you’d be getting a deal, and you’d be in great shape. However, they don’t just stop there. So many features that you’d normally have to pay for are just factored right in! With email accounts for your site, Cloudflare CDN boosting your site’s speed, and their incredible customer service and cPanel, Bluehost is an unbeatable webhosting deal.

Who Is the Best Webhosting Company?

I build websites for a living so I have had experience with many different hosting companies from Go Daddy to in motion and many others. None of them compare to the quality flexibility and features of Bluehost. The price is excellent as well. Imagine being able to host as many websites as you want for only six dollars per month for their basic service. This is an amazing deal for anyone who wants to host their websites and is looking for a ton of features built right in. Anywhere else you would have to pay for the email a chance you would have to pay for traffic you’d get terrible support and you have to pay for a content delivery network. However, Bluehost builds all of this right into your account. I love them so much that I upgraded to a pro account which offers faster hosting faster service servers and more space. I have never experienced better hosting at any company ever. If they continue to offer the great services that they are right now I don’t ever plan on leaving. If you’re looking for quality web hosting at a great price Bluehost is your number one choice.

Deal on the Best Webhosting Company’s Service

If you haven’t guess, I am an affiliate of Bluehost. I love their company, their awesome customer service, and their quality products. I’ve had horrible webhosting before. You’ve read my article about 6 reasons why I hated my old hosting company, so you know that I can appreciate when a hosting company gets it right. Bluehost gets it right and knocks it out of the park.

Now for the deal: For my readers, when you sign up for hosting through the banners and links on this page, you get their basic hosting plan for $3.95 per month. That means you can host unlimited html websites, and 100+ WordPress sites. I love WordPress, and In this post I show you how to set up a hosting account and a WordPress blog in under 5 minutes.


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