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Save Hours of Work With InDesign

How to Save Hours of Work With InDesign Anytime you can create a massive project in a fraction of the time, you’ll come out looking and feeling like a hero. Productivity can make and save businesses tons of money, and it can get you out of monotonous, repetitive...

InDesign: Different Corner Styles

Corner Styles in InDesign In Indesign, in the top menu bar, you can change the corner style from the traditional squared corners, to round, inset, etc. The problem is, if you want one or all of the corners to be different, there isn’t a way to do it from here....

Quiktip: Grids in Indesign

You can set up a good grid from the start of a new document in Indesign. When the New Document pops up, you can set the number of columns in your document. I tend to use either 3 or 5 columns. You can use as many as you want. I tend to try to keep it simple and to the...