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It’s Not All Bad

It has occurred to me that I might have been a little bit negative regarding the design profession the past couple of days.  Fearing that it is coming across as if I hate my job or the profession, I decided that I might need to clarify that it is just the opposite. Since I found graphic design, I have completely fallen in love with it. The very idea that our work can influence thousands, hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions, makes me feel like I am doing something important. Graphic design not only lets us create beautiful products, imagery way-finding signage, etc., it gives us a voice. When done responsibly, it gives us to change the world for the better.

It’s Good For Me

On the smaller scale of things graphic design allows us to create. I absolutely love thinking and solving puzzles and problems. Clients come to us with needs and objectives, and as designers, it is our job to come up with the best possible solution. Not everything that we make is pure gold; I am not perfect and I don’t know many people who are, but every now and then we get that one idea- that creative spark, that really shines and progresses into something truly beautiful. Sometimes we find that perfect imagery, combined with the perfect colors, with the perfect words that come together to create a message that is truly remarkable. Sometimes we create a design that someone can’t help but to stop and take notice and say “Wow, who did that? What is this for?” It is that connecting that is truly a remarkable thing.
I eat, drink, and sleep graphic design since I found it years ago. It is fantastic, allows me to be my own boss, pay the bills, and allows me to let loose my creativity. It is a fantastic outlet, and there is always something new to learn, something new to see, and a new message to communicate. My only wish is that I have found it sooner. Many of you have posted in agreement that there are things that could improve in the industry, but in reality, most of us could never do anything else that made us as happy.

I Love The Technology

I also love the software. The ability to easily blend layers, manipulate photos, choose precise colors, and create something from nothing is truly wonderful. I love the entire Adobe Product line and how well they all work together. I also love the hardware, such as the Wacom Tablet that I own. It allows me to draw and paint via freehand on the computer. I can sketch on paper, scan it in, and easily trace it with the pen tool in illustrator, then flop the paths into photoshop and paint them, blend colors, use effects, etc. Honestly, I don’t think I would have liked graphic Design in the old days, when they had to paint, glue, cut, etc. There was no undo feature when you cut the wrong thing, or pasted it wrong, you had the pleasure of redoing everything or trying to fix it. Perhaps I would have even liked that, because that took true craftsmanship, and the work was even more worth taking pride in back then.

I love the Open Opportunity

I also love the web. People can create some truly remarkable things that blow your mind. There are people out there that have developed some truly remarkable web sites and applications. The projects that some have created are outstanding and make you say out loud, “Wow!” I know there are downsides to every industry, that is going to happen wherever you go. People want something for nothing, they want you to practically work for free, don’t want to pay you, or try to skip out on paying you, but all that happens in every industry. It doesn’t matter where you go. The best feeling in the world is when that client comes along that knows the value of our work and really appreciates what we do, and has no problem with out rates. Honestly I find that more often than not, and when you do run across the bad people, the best part is, that we don’t have to do their work, they can find someone else, and their business will pay for it in the end. I love web design and graphic design and everything about it. I would have no other profession in the world. Here, I am at home.