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10 Awesome jQuery Mobile Templates For Your Consideration

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 1 comment

jQuery Mobile Templates

In this rapidly flourishing mobile world, it is important to embrace a powerful and a smashing mobile presence. Today, almost everyone carries a smart device that lets them access the Internet and reap the benefits of outstanding applications to accomplish a task easily. Keeping this fact in mind, businesses are increasingly embracing a suitable mobile application to reach a wider audience base to benefit their organization. If you are also one of them, who are seeking a prolific platform that can help them establish a surefire mobile solution, jQuery Mobile templates are the most preferred choice. It is an excellent framework that helps develop fabulous mobile web solutions. Since, a ravishing mobile presence has its own significance, this framework allows one to design a worthy interface design for his mobile web application. This HTML5 framework is compatible with a plethora of mobile platforms and browsers. Moreover, it comes complete with a slew of resourceful HTML elements that allow one to efficiently design an astonishing template.

You can integrate sliders, captivating icons, fluid menus (for an easy navigation), and so forth in your jQuery based templates. This can certainly help you captivate your potential viewers and drive greater conversions and sales.

We already have an overwhelming list of ultimate jQuery Mobile templates, from which you can choose a suitable one to beautify the visual appearance of your website. To help you make an appropriate choice or to get inspired for creating a stunning web design, here are a few of the smashing templates designed via the jQuery Mobile framework.

  1. Minio Mobile

jQuery Mobile templates - Minio

Minio Mobile is a mobile template that is ideal to support a mobile web application or a native application (developed via PhoneGap or any other similar solution). It embraces a flexible layout that can fit on any mobile resolution. This template comes complete with various UI elements and pages that enable one to conveniently design any section of his application.

  1. Nightly

jQuery Mobile templates - Nightly

Running on the latest jQuery Mobile framework, Nightly is a fantastic framework that creates a marvelous look and feel. It offers various color combinations, Font Awesome icons, 2 sidebars and over 20 HTML pages. All these features make it easier to generate a requisite appearance. It supports the GPS tracking function, to ensure that your viewers will never get lost. Moreover, it also supports several external frameworks, including iScroll plugin, Owl Carousel and a lot more.

  1. Graphite

jQuery Mobile templates - Graphite

Graphite is yet another amazing jQuery Mobile template that offers a range of color options. It provides minimalist theme design by implementing the default jQM swatches. Moreover, the integrated generator script facilitates one to set a base color and highlight color as per his taste. This template, thus, facilitates one to design the theme in a desired fashion.

  1. jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme


If you admire flat UI designs, jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme makes a viable choice. It helps create a marvelous visual appearance that can keep your viewers engaged for longer and make positive interactions. It features sharp typography, subtle textures, vibrant colors, gradients with decent drop shadows, and a lot more. Since, you can easily set up this theme and integrate it in your application, it is quite simple and easy to use. It makes typography more legible while creating a trendy design. The theme offers precisely-designed UI elements that can embellish its complete UX.

  1. Shopey

jQuery Mobile templates - Shopey

Shopley is a prolific jQuery Mobile template that makes an ultimate choice as an eCommerce template. However, it looks equally good as a portfolio template, thus, you can use it in a desired manner. It comes jam-packed with all the requisite pages that make it ideal for an eCommerce solution, and also comprises a five page template to suit a portfolio template. It can run smoothly on any mobile device by automatically adjusting the UI elements as per the attributes of the targeted screen.

  1. Signum Mobile


Signum Mobile is a great template that is based on HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies. It delivers a smooth and hassle-free performance on a range of mobile devices. The template features an array of beautifully designed UI elements embracing both jQuery-based components and CSS3-based components. It includes notification, sliders, navigation, buttons, icons, tables and so forth.

  1. Around


Around is a responsive template that ensures an invaluable performance with quality features. It possesses CSS3 code structure, multiple retina-ready icons and buttons, AJAX support, PHP contact form, etc. This template also offers jQuery based components, including jQuery Page Preloader, jQuery Image Slider, jQuery Colorbox Portfolio, and more.

  1. Stroller


Stroller is a great responsive template that ensures its seamless and consistent performance across various devices. This touch-optimized template is extolled for its worthwhile features. It comprises a slew of resourceful CSS3 and jQuery based elements that augment the theme customization so that you can create a pretty visual appearance with a flair.

  1. Slideby


Slideby is a multipurpose swipable sidebar menu template that is responsive in nature. It is jam-packed with a list of CSS3 and jQuery based components like CSS3 – tabs, buttons, toggles, etc., and jQuery – checkboxes, photoswipe slider, high definition graphics, and many more. The template also allows one to preview the template before implementing it.

  1. Mobilize

jQuery Mobile templates - Mobilize

Mobilize is also a touch-optimized mobile WP template that is developed at the top of jQuery mobile. Its homepage boasts a responsive slider with 24 transitions, social icons, optional captions, and more. Furthermore, it also includes various shortcodes, contact form, gallery, blogs with features images and videos, etc. All these features of this template make it a classy and a notable jQuery template.

Final Thought

An attractive and intuitive interface design can enhance the credibility of your application and make it appear highly interactive. Mobile applications have to breakthrough real estate screen challenge, to proficiently target a colossal mobile user base. Above mentioned are some of the best designed jQuery Mobile templates. You can choose a suitable one to spruce up the visual appearance of your mobile web application, or refer these examples to design a rocking template on your own.

Author Bio: Victoria Brinsley is a app programmer with Appsted Ltd – mobile application development. If you want to explore Android app development cost, get in touch with her for best advices or assistance.

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