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10 Best Pre-Built Designs to Show the Difference of PrestaShop 1.6

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

10 Best Pre-Built Designs to Show the Difference of PrestaShop 1.6

It’s obvious why you should opt for a ready-made template when organizing a new look for your website. Those templates are powerful, effective and simple. They were built by professionals and if you go with an established template provider, you get a 24/7 support, too. However, sometimes it is not so simple.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands pre-built templates ready to be yours. The only problem runs like this: how do you know if those templates work for you?

In business, especially when you are selling something, it is crucially important to be on the edge of progress. To know what your customers want even before they discover it themselves. To be ready for whatever comes next: mobile phones, tablets whatever.

Today, a newly discovered frontier of progress is finally opened: PrestaShop 1.6 Engine.

PrestaShop 1.6 is a new version of an established e-commerce system. With a whole new set of features, the templates built on PrestaShop 1.6 are your best choice for a successful web store on everything from musical equipment to lingerie.

The benefits speak for themselves:

– Integration with D3 Data Driven Documents, FontAwesome, Bootstrap 3.0 and more.

– Simplified management with the redesigned BackOffice. And it is fully responsive, too, so you are able to continue operating your website from your phone, too.

– Completely revamped dashboard look for a different web store experience. Everything is streamlined and updated in real time.

– Theme Configurator module, which allows to setup Front End all in one place, add unlimited amount of content into one item, change basic colors with additional eight schemes and more.

– Scripts and plugins are updated to the latest version.

And now let’s proceed to 10 hottest templates chosen from collection based on PrestaShop 1.6 Engine.

PrestaShop 1.6: The Best Knives Shop Template

Knives Made of Best Steel PrestaShop 1.6 Theme

A striking design, ideal for a specialized knives shop. The strictness and confidence is embedded into the design itself. A lot of thought has gone into the buttons and menus of this layout.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: RC Devices of Your Dreams Theme

Radio Controlled Devices PrestaShop 1.6 Theme

An instantly recognizable, instantly likable concept. It is slick and a sheer pleasure to use. It’s simple, too. Your customers will never get lost trying to find out where the ‘buy’ button is.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: Hair Care Layout

Hair Salon Responsive PrestaShop 1.6 Theme

A truly fashionable design for a website that provides a truly fashionable service. People adore fashion. For millions of people fashion is a magic universe full of unicorns and happy beautiful people. Your task is simple: get them to that world! Show it to them! This template will do the job for you.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: Slick Cars Design

Selling Cars PrestaShop Theme

All the elements of this design are where they belong. The white color serves as a great background to highlight the stuff you are selling. However the real beauty here is in the details: how green and black work together.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: Energy Coffee Design

Strong Coffee PrestaShop Theme

A minimalistic template where coffee is the only thing that matters. The clean black and white contrast creates a very focused environment, while a few bright red elements bring the necessary energy to the design.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: The Future Theme

Home Electronics PrestaShop Theme

Technology was always about the future, so a futuristic layout designed in blue and white colors is a natural fit for your home electronics shop. And it’s not only memorable: a very simple design pattern makes it very easy for your customers to buy something.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: Gifts are Love Template

Gifts Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

The combination of purple and green in this theme creates a very consistent image. Your website will be both simple and recognizable and always a pleasure to return to.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: Special Lingerie Layout

Lingerie Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Luxurious design for a website on lingerie: the variations of black and white combination used in the template creates a very glamorous atmosphere. Women want to feel special — and with the help of your website, they can.

Details | Demo

PrestaShop 1.6: Light Lightning Design

Lighting Store PrestaShop Theme

This is a very smart layout. It was created to be a natural fit for a lightning web store and as such it is very… light. A light and easy for the eyes website will be very popular among your customers.

Details | Demo

Electronics Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Electronics Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

It is hard to live without modern electronic devices. And moreover stupid as they have been already designed to ease people’s lives. So your clients will be quite happy to visit your site and enjoy it’s ergonomic design.

Details | Demo


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