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12 Essential Serif Fonts for Professional Designers

by | Apr 9, 2010 | Articles, Typography | 6 comments

This is a list of 10 quality serif fonts that you will find in most professional graphic design work. These are all found in body copy of books and magazines. They are all beautiful and elegant for their own reasons. They all come in different weights and italics, which make them versatile and useful. Rockwell stands out from the crowd because it is a slab serif font. There are others out there and I would love to hear your comments on your favorites and the ones you especially like, and for what reasons.

1. Mrs. Eaves

2. Arno Pro

3. Baskerville

4. Bembo

5.  Caslon Pro

6. Bodoni

7. Bookman Old Style

8. Palatino

9. Rockwell

10. Walbaum

11. Meta Serif

12. Sabon

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