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15 Essential Serif Fonts for Designers

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Articles, Fonts, Graphic Design | 2 comments

serif fonts for designers

Serif Fonts for Professional Designers

Despite modern, streamlined design being popular right now, serif fonts still have their place. Serif fonts have a certain elegance that can’t be denied. If you really want to create professional design work with a look of quality, you’ll want to choose from the best serif fonts available. Serif fonts have been used in decades in books and magazines for their legibility. They are very easy to read, even at small point sizes. Having an arsenal of serif fonts you can pull from on a regular basis, and knowing their strengths and weaknesses can help you to make good font decisions. I have put together a list of serif fonts you’ll want to use in your professional designs. Use this list to help you build a professional font library for your work.

1. Mrs. Eaves

2. Arno Pro

3. Baskerville

4. Bembo

5.  Caslon Pro

6. Bodoni

7. Bookman Old Style

8. Palatino

9. Rockwell

10. Walbaum

11. Meta Serif

12. Sabon

13. Garamond


14. Centaur


15. Times



Notice that with all of these serif fonts, that there are subtle differences with each typeface. The serifs are shaped differently, completely altering the look of the typeface. Also, the stroke widths and thickness of each and every part of all of these typefaces are different. You can spot differences between individual letters across different typefaces, too. For example, look at the lowercase g in Centaur and the one in Times. The shapes are slightly different, too, which you can see from the angle of the bowl. Understanding the differences between the letters of popular typefaces can help you identify them in use.

Serif Fonts: Conclusion

Which one of these serif fonts are your favorite? I’ve always been a fan of Bodoni, which is a classic serif font with a distinct look. Do you have a personal favorite that isn’t on the list? I would love to hear about your favorites, and what you use to create your professional designs.

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