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Recent WordPress Themes

Leisure is one of the things that we all desperately need among the fuss of our busy daily lives. No matter if it is a peaceful relaxation or something boisterous that makes blood rush through your body, you always look forward to engaging in it and wish it lasted as long as possible. Joy and fun bring positive emotions to our lives and create bright memories for the future.

But how can we get more time for fun and leisure, if we can’t forget about our work and other duties? Dozens of psychologists, authors of popular time-management books and personal coaches have worked upon this question. However, there is no universal truth and everyone should look for one’s own solution.

Prioritizing, making best of every minute, setting timelines and outsourcing seem to be good strategies for getting some extra free time out of your work. But these are just the high-sounding words and it is really hard to get them work for you. What can be done then? The smartest thing will be making your website work for you while you are having fun with your family or friends. Your website can become an effective working tool, provided you put some effort in developing it.

Here again comes the matter of time. To create a custom designed website you will need to put a lot of money and effort in it. A savvy option will be simply purchasing and installing a ready-made template that is easily adjustable and user-friendly.

Why Should You Choose a Ready-made Template Over A Custom One?

  1. First of all, you save your time and money. You don’t need to find a right person (and pay up to 10 times more!) for getting a custom design for your web-site. With all the options for adjustment of the ready-made templates your website will look as unique and original as a custom one.
  2. Moreover, the templates are so easy to install and use. Just one click for installing, then you add your contents and – voila! – your website looks like you really care a lot about your business and like you spent hours designing it. If you still need some technical help, the support team is available 24/7.
  3. Also keep in mind that all the templates are responsive. This means that no matter what device the guests of your website will be using, it will always look great. No annoying zooming in and out on smart phones and tablets.
  4. By the way, together with the template you also get a license for the images that come with it. You can later reuse them for your other projects as they become a part of your property.

For now, have some fun scrolling down this awesome selection of the latest WordPress themes developed by the professional team of If you are not finding a specific template you need, you are welcomed to visit their website and explore all the provided options. So, begin the ride and enjoy it!

Pure and Perfect Construction Company WordPress Template

Help your clients find inspiration in light, breathing with freshness outlook of your website. Your clear vision of what they really need will be appreciated.

Construction Company recent WordPress themes

Details | Demo

Perfect Wedding Planner Responsive WordPress Theme

You definitely know that in THIS day everything should be perfect. Convince the visitors your website that the wedding organized by you will be as flawless as your website design.

Wedding Planner recent WordPress themes

Details | Demo

Advanced Science Lab WordPress Template

This template, employing a balanced selection of white and blue elements, is the best choice for representing your lab.It presents your lab as objective, innovative and being on the cutting age of the latest advances in technology.

Science Lab Recent WordPress themes

Details | Demo

Most Effective Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

Uncover the row power of body movement with the inspiring images of this awesome theme. Nothing motivates us more that the vivid visualization of what we can achieve!

Bodybuilding Recent WordPress themes

Details | Demo

Uplifting Event Planner Responsive WordPress Design

Bringing joy to the lives of people is one of the most emotionally rewarding things. This positively-colored theme will give your clients the right tuning for having the fun, joy and happiness they deserve.

Event Planner Recent WordPress themes

Details | Demo

All “A”s Primary School WordPress Template

You know how to create the best conditions for successful studying? Show this off with this well-structured and color-friendly responsive template.

Primary School Recent WordPress themes

Details | Demo

Progressive Bank WordPress Design

Display your bank as a reliable, dynamically developing company that will create a win-win situation for every client. The color selection of this theme will help you with this task.

Bank Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Riding the Lightning Car Club Responsive WordPress Theme

Dynamic design supplied with great images makes this theme a symbol of speed and movement. Assure your clients that your service is as good and high-speed as the cars in your club.

Car Club Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

21st Century Architecture WordPress Design

Buildings from the future, all perfect both from inside and outside. This is what your clients expect from working with you. Get the best out of presenting your ideas in the way that makes people want them.

Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ultimate Health Massage Salon WordPress Theme

Let people know about all the benefits of massage. Picture the pleasure of it with great images. The responsive design of your website will show your clients that massage is an inseparable part of modern life.

Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Harmonious Family Center WordPress Theme

Research shows that people who have a happy family live up to 10 years longer. This all is the matter of life harmony. The balanced selection of colors and intuitive design of this theme will keep your clients exploring all the treasures of your website.

Family Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Unique Prospective Videographer WordPress Design

The great soft-shaded design of your website will show your ability to capture every event as special and unique. The theme makes it clear that videography is a form of art for you.

Videographer Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Awesome Music Band Responsive WordPress Design

If the music you make is breathtaking, take care of what is your “face” on the Internet. If you move with the times, your website will become an integral part of your image.

Music Band Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The Most Precise Science Lab WordPress Template

The services you provide are all of the top accuracy and reliability. Show this with the selection of images of this great well-structured theme.

Science Lab Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Innovative Consulting Responsive WordPress Theme

Ready to suggest your clients the best solutions for their problems? Your experience and innovation should be represented on your website with this gorgeous responsive theme.

Consulting Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo