20 Flat Predesigned Themes

Websites, apps, even operating systems – these days everything goes “flat”. The new trend in design has become extremely popular and has quickly replaced all the gradients, glossy surfaces, and 3D-ish elements we got so used to. The minimalistic look that flat design has makes any website tasteful and up-to-date, which is exactly what you would wish for your web page.

If you have been planning a redesign for your website, now is a great moment to take advantage of this hot trend. To help you with that, we have prepared a collection of twenty various website themes for all kinds of websites and businesses, united by the flat style they are designed in.

What Websites Will These Themes Work for?

Some of the designs will be a find for the owners of CMS-based websites, who use Joomla and WordPress; others will help e-store owners to revamp their OpenCart websites. The rest are universal, flexible templates that don’t require any particular CMS and can be bought in a package with a convenient admin panel.

Why Should You Get One?

To Save Time

A website revamp can take several months or even longer, so if you need a new website look as soon as possible, one of these ready-made templates will help. They all are ready for installation and will take just a few days to set up.

To Save Money

Unlike a custom-created design that may cost you loads of money, a predesigned template will not cost more than a hundred or two, so you can cut down the costs considerably.

To Attract Mobile Users

Each day more people start using mobile devices to browse the web, so you need to offer them a convenient, mobile-friendly website. One of the responsive themes will help you attract mobile users, as they adapt to any screen size of a smartphone or tablet.

To Get an Individualized Look

Even though these are predesigned templates, you can customize them to your taste and needs, as they are flexible and easy to personalize. After the tweaks, your design will look unique and will meet your needs perfectly.

To Get Assistance with Installation

There’s no need to buy a theme and then start looking for someone who will install it for you: TemplateMonster the source of these themes, will offer you additional services like installation, setup, and customization.

Still not convinced? Then you should take a look at the templates – you are sure to love them.

Motoracing – Biker Club Responsive Website Template

This big flat design looks very trendy and eye-catching, and the stunning photos in the lightbox add dynamics to it. Fresh and attractive, it will make a perfect website for a biking club.

Biker Club Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Management Solutions – Responsive Management Agency Joomla Theme

This clean template with a pleasant color scheme looks professional, but not too ordinary. It’s a good choice for a management agency that wants to refresh the look of its web page.

Management Agency Joomla Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Triathlon Fans – Cycling Mobile-Ready Website Template

The cold and fresh color scheme makes this flat design perfect for a sports-related website. Using big flat elements, this theme looks up-to-date and will be a great revamp for the website of a triathlon or cycling club.

Cycling Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Camera Pro – Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Design

Minimalistic flat icons and bright colors liven up this clean design. It will make a stylish website for a photo or video professional.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Professional Sound – Recording Studio Responsive Website Theme

Black, gray, and dusty red create a professional and techy look, and the interesting flat icons make it original. It’s a great option for a recording studio that wants to redesign its website.

Recording Studio Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Harmonious Family – Family Psychologist Mobile-Friendly Website Template

An unusual header menu, designed as flat icons, and the big attractive photos create a harmonious and attractive look. This template will be just right for a family psychologist’s website.

Family Psychologist Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Creative Photography – Photographer Portfolio Website Design

Colorful, with an original header menu and page switching effect, this template will be perfect for a photographer, who wants their portfolio to look creative and stand out from the crowd.

Photographer Portfolio Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Sports Portal – Sports News Responsive Website Template

An unusual background and plenty of colorful photos make this design dynamic and visually attractive. It’s a good choice for a news portal that covers sports.

Sports News ResponsiveFlat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Clean & Elegant – Marketing Agency Responsive Website Theme

The combination of white and cyan with light photos gives this design a clean and elegant look, complemented with minimalistic icons. It’s a good theme for a marketing agency that is looking to modernize its website.

Marketing Agency Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Barbecue Chef – BBQ Restaurant Mobile-Friendly Website Template

With an appetizing image as a background and attractive photos of the best grilled dishes, this design is a perfect match for any barbecue restaurant.

BBQ Restaurant Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Future Businessmen – Business School Responsive Website Design

This clean, big-resolution design has plenty of content elements and is very informative, but remains spacious. With friendly-looking photos in the lightbox, it will make a nice web page for a university or a business school.

Business School Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Professional & Light – Outsourcing Company Mobile-Compatible Website Template

With light shades, plenty of space, and softly colored photos, this theme has a light, tasteful professional look. It will make a stunning corporate website for an outsourcing business.

Outsourcing Company Responsive Flat Predesigned Themes

Details | Demo

Politician of Tomorrow – Political Candidate Responsive Website Design

The classic dark red and navy make this design look professional, while an original header menu and flat content elements, arranged in a sort of a grid, give it a modern, trendy look. This theme will be a find for the website of a progressive political candidate.

Political Candidate Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Delicious Menu – Cafe And Restaurant Responsive Website Theme

This is a very stylish and eye-catching design, with its big elements, a lovely shade of coral, and flat icons. It is perfect for the web page of a cafe or a restaurant.

Cafe And Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Tasteful Interior – Interior Design Responsive Website Template

Light colors, that harmonize well, and big simple elements make this design a perfect example of impeccable taste and style. It will be just right for a stylish interior design agency.

Interior Design Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Quality Steel – Knives That Cut OpenCart Design

This mobile-ready template will be perfect for an online knives store, with plenty of features and elements that allow highlighting the best products.

Knives That Cut OpenCart Template

Details | Demo

Oil Industry – Gas & Oil Responsive Website Theme

The color combination gives this template a technology-related feel, and even though the homepage is rich in content, it remains clean and uncluttered. It’s the right choice for the web page of a gas and oil business.

Gas & Oil Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Elegant Real Estate – Responsive Renting Agency WordPress Theme

This clean white theme with minimalistic menus and simple flat elements has a truly elegant look. It will make an outstanding website for a renting business.

Renting Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Home Security – Locksmith Website Template

This simple theme with robust fonts and big headings is a real attention-grabber. It will be perfect for the website of a security systems supplier.

Locksmith Website Template

Details | Demo

Bicycle Race – Mobile-Compatible Biking WordPress Theme

This clean, light design with colorful flat elements and dynamic photos looks very harmonious and will work well for a cycling-related website.

Biking WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


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