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3D Electric Type

by | Mar 22, 2010 | Illustrator, Tutorials | 1 comment

3D Electric Type

This tutorial uses Illustrator and Photoshop to create 3D electric type, quickly and fairly easily. First open a new Illustrator document and pick a nice bold typeface. I chose Helvetica Black and the text is set to 225pt and the color is set to a medium gray. The go to Effect> 3D> Extrude and Bevel. Set the setting as in the example, and set the perspective to 68°. You can try a different perspective in Adobe Illustrator, but anything too extreme and the text will be hard to read later. Set the bevel to none and the surface to wireframe, and click ok.

3d electric type wireframe

Copy the text and open Photoshop. Set the document to the size of your choice. Choose a nice dark blue for the background and have your foreground set to dark blue and your background set to black and go to Filter> Render>Clouds. If you don’t like the results, hit command and F until you like the results. The go to Filter>Blur> Radial Blur. Set the amount to 100% and set it to zoom and best.

Create a new layer and go to Edit>Paste, and choose as paths. Set your foreground color to white, then go to your brushes and set your brush to 1 pixel. Go to the paths palette and choose the second option at the bottom, which is Stroke path with brush. Make sure your brush tool is still selected when doing this.

3d electric type 1

Then, double-click your layer to bring up the blending options. Choose Outer Glow and set it to a medium blue and set the blending mode to hard light Set the spread to 9 and the size to 6. Then go to inner glow, leave it set to the pale yellow color and set the blend mode to hard light.

Hit ok and then hit command and the letter J to make a duplicate of the text layer. On the duplicate layer go to Filter>Distort>Ripple and choose 100% and choose large and click ok.

3d electric type


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