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40 Free Vector Ribbons

by | Sep 14, 2013 | Articles, Illustrator, vector | 5 comments

Vector Ribbons

Everywhere you look these days, you tend to see banners and ribbons. You see ribbons on many different elements in design. On a website, the navigation can be contained within a ribbon shape. You could also have the background of every header set to be a ribbon. You see a lot of ribbon shapes in banner ads on sites all over the web. You also see them on print design projects ranging from business cards to flyers, catalogs, and more. The free vector file this week is a set of 40 free vector ribbons that you can download and use in your projects. They were created by Wassim Awadallah, and you can view his portfolio on Behance. You can view screenshots below of the different vector ribbons that you can pick up via download.


There are a lot of basic ribbon shapes and then there are some that are double and triple layered. These ribbons will look great on all kinds of different

I especially love the rounded vector ribbons, because they are used often in logo designs. You can use these as a base more many different types of logos and emblems. Any text that is placed on the ribbon portion of a logo automatically jumps out at the

You can see there are even more rounded banners. I like that they also included hanging banners, because they get a lot of attention as well. They add an element of dimension to any work and you can’t help but to notice

With a mix of rounded and more fluid-like vector ribbons, you can add a more natural look to your designs. There are also corner-wrapping ribbons, too. These add an extra element of decoration and cal extra attention to any design element. It lets the viewer know that this portion of the design is special and deserves extra free-vector-ribbons_07

Download These Awesome Vector Ribbons

Wassim did an awesome job with these ribbons. If you like them and use them, be sure to show your appreciation with a like and share it via social media like Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word about such good work. To download these vector ribbons, click the green button below to be taken to the download page.


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