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Bootstrap Templates

Normally, I share one free HTML 5 or bootstrap-based template per week. A lot of people find these to be useful. However, this week I have a little something special. I found a collection of free bootstrap templates that you can download all from one site. Each of these three Bootstrap templates are useful for different purposes. Let’s take a look at this collection of 5 free bootstrap templates via ThemifyCloud.

Business Plus

Business Plus - Free Bootstrap Templates

The first free bootstrap template is geared towards web development businesses. I love the simple animations that can be found in this template. As you scroll down the page, content fades and slides in from the sides. You can also show off your team members, allowing visitors to preview the faces that they’ll meet when handling their projects. There’s also a nice services section, with simple icons to represent each one. The portfolio section is excellent for showing off your work. It is also filterable, allowing visitors to view the projects that they are most interested in. There’s even a simple contact form featured at the bottom.



Clinix - Free Bootstrap Templates

The next three bootstrap template is geared towards medical professionals. This can be anything from doctors to dentists and anything else related. I love the sliding gallery just below the main image. It even features hours of operation, which can be handy for people who just want to stop by the office. There are also bold call to actions placed on this page. There’s a skills section, which is popular right now for showcasing different services. There’s also a section for video, which can be very informative for first-time visitors. There’s also a section to showcase your staff, which is important for people who are nervous about seeing the doctor or dentist. There’s a testimonial section, which is important for building trust with potential customers. There’s also a counter, which can show off different statistics like how many people that you’ve helped, how many surgeries you’ve performed, number of staff members, and any other information that you might find important. There’s also a gallery feature in this template as well. This can show off before and after photos, as well as anything else you might expect from a medical office.




ModernX is a professional parallax bootstrap template that would be great for any business or agency. With common features, such as call to actions, and sections where you can introduce your team members, this template has everything you need for your business. There’s also animated status bars, showcasing your level of skill. With a life Google map, the portfolio section, and a contact form at the bottom of the site, this free bootstrap template is an excellent choice.


Resume Inn


Resume Inn is a gorgeous free bootstrap template that is great for any online resume. If you’re a graphic designer, web designer, or anything related, this website template is a good choice for you. It has a lot of great features, such as a section where you can list all of your contact and background information. There’s also a section where visitors can download your physical resume. They can also view it online, which is handy for people in a hurry. There’s a section that showcases all of your skills, followed by a section with testimonials. You can list all of your services, and visitors can view your past portfolio projects. One standout feature of this template that I like is the section that shows your design process.


Resume Plus

resume-plus - Free Bootstrap templates

This is another free bootstrap template for hosting your online resume. I love the circular design in the about section, with the icons placed to either side. There are circular counters, which list your skills, as well as your proficiency at them. There’s a process section, which is a little different from the previous resume template, but it is still effective. There’s also a timeline section, which shows your education path, which is important to potential employers. There’s also a section to showcase any awards that you may have received in your career so far. There’s also past work experience, followed by testimonials from past clients. You can also list your services, followed by a section showing how many projects you’ve completed, and how many clients you’ve served, as well as anything else you might find important. Your portfolio section is sortable, and has a clean layout.



ThemifyCloud has some awesome free bootstrap templates that you can download and use on your own websites. They are simple, elegant, and they are packed with features that everyone wants in a killer website template. Which one of these free bootstrap templates are your favorite? Mine would have to be either one of the resume templates that are available. Honestly, they are all great, and would make a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.