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Adobe Buys Fotolia (Is It A Good Thing?)

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Articles, Graphic Design, News | 1 comment

Adobe Buys Fotolia

Adobe Buys Fotolia

I just read the news from the past couple of days that Adobe has decided to acquire the stock photography site called Fotolia. It’s one of the biggest stock photography sites on the web, featuring some of the best stock photos you would expect to find. I was initially excited about this, except for the fact that it came at the price tag of $800 million. They want to acquire it for their Adobe Creative Cloud service, which is great in concept.


My concern is that Adobe is going to jack up the price of the Creative Cloud for new and existing members. Right now, in my opinion it is completely affordable for business owners at $50 per month. I wouldn’t pay anything more than that, though. Well, at least not happily. Another thing that concerns me is the fact that they acquired Fotolia, but you’ll still have to pay for images. I think that they should be included in the membership. As much as I use stock photography for my blogs and for client websites and projects, having access to great stock photography as part of my membership would add a tremendous amount of value to having it. I think a lot more designers would sign on with the Creative Cloud if they had access to stock photography as part of the membership. This would solve a huge pain point for many graphic designers. It would lower the cost of operation if we could at least get a discount on stock photos from Fotolia.


One solution is that they could offer a limited amount of downloads per month. I would still love this, because I would get access to stock photos for my projects as part of the membership. Adobe would benefit from this, because more designers would sign on, but they’d have control over how many images each member was allowed to download per month.

Conclusion: Your Thoughts

Do any of you currently use Fotolia as your stock photography site of choice? How do you feel about Adobe’s acquisition of Fotolia? Would having free access to stock photography as part of the membership entice you to join? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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