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Adobe Portfolio: Replacement for Behance ProSite

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Articles, Design | 1 comment

Adobe Portfolio? What About My Behance Portfolio?

I noticed that I hadn’t updated my Behance portfolio in a while. I’ve been pretty busy with client projects, so I thought I would hop on there and upload some on my latest web work. Then I discovered that ProSite, the premium version of the Behance Portfolio, is being replaced by Adobe Portfolio. I’m sharing with you what I discovered by playing around with Adobe’s latest project, called Adobe Portfolio.

Your ProSite projects will transition over

Being an Adobe CC member, I was a little peeved at first, until I realized I wouldn’t have to upload everything all over again. I gained early access to my portfolio, where I could start to build it as my own.

There are 5 Layouts to Start With

You get to start out with your choice of 5 preset layouts for organizing your projects. This is allow you to set up your Adobe Portfolio in a way that best fits your projects and how you want to present them. Here is a quick run-down of the 5 different options and what they look like.



Square covers allow for interesting crops of your work, with a cool mosaic grid and vertical navigation. View a live demo here.



Larger cover images are great if you don’t have as many projects, or if you want to show off more detail. Click here to see the live demo.



Ideal if you don’t plan on showcasing too many projects. Featuring a classic, vertical navigation. View the Sawdust demo.



A mosaic grid and projects that utilize the full canvas of the screen. Let the images do the talking. You can see the Thomas demo here.



Simple and clean, with a large header area that allows you to add a splash of color, or not, it’s up to you! See a demo of Mercedes here.

I chose Thomas, for the simple mosaic grid of my projects. If I want to customize the look of my portfolio, there are a couple of key areas where you can do so.

Customize your Adobe Portfolio

Customizing Your Portfolio

Just like ProSite, you can add pages to your portfolio. You could add a simple About Me page, and a contact page, complete with all of your information. Another good idea would be to add a testimonials page from satisfied clients.


You can adjust things like background color, and the layout itself. For example, you can make the navigation section wider, or you can switch sides, or you can make the logo area larger. You can add background colors, too.

Cover Images

You can make a great deal of customizations to these, too. You can add an overlay color on top of all of your images, or you can convert them to black and white. You also have the option to adjust the margin space between each project tile. You can round the corners, and you can even fine-tune the aspect ration of your images.

Content Control

Want to exclude some of your older projects? You don’t have to delete them. All you have to do is toggle them on and off in the Manage Content section in the left vertical edit bar.

Host Your own Adobe Portfolio

Control Where Your Site Lives

You don’t have to live with having your portfolio site live on Adobe’s service. You can add your own custom domain. You can also have a favicon and optimize your portfolio for search engines. You can attach analytics to keep track of traffic and visitors.

Closing Thoughts: Adobe Portfolio

I think it is a decent improvement over the Behance Prosite system. Behance Prosite has been around for a while, but it was probably easier to rebuild the system from scratch, instead of upgrading or modifying the existing code. I like the upgrade, and I look forward to seeing new layouts and ideas to show off our work creatively.

What do you think of Adobe Portfolio?

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