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About Adobe Slate

It was announced that Adobe has decided to make Adobe Slate free as a download for the App Store, meaning that anyone can get it and start using it. This is exciting, because it gives everyone the ability to put together a great story with text and images, without having to be a designer.

Adobe Slate

What is Adobe Slate?

Adobe Slate is an iPad app that you can download and use to tell a story. You can upload your own images, or you can choose from tons of available ones. You can combine these images with text to create gorgeous content that fits your personality.

Adobe Slate For Business

Storytelling is a huge aspect of business and retail. People don’t just want to go and buy things. They are more likely to buy them if they have an interesting story. They are also more likely to follow and support a company if they have a great story. Slate allows small businesses to put together personalized messages for their business.

Adobe Slate is Sharable

You can share a link to your Adobe Slate Project anywhere. You can embed your stories in blog posts, via social media, and more. Not only is this great for small business, but it’s great for personal use, too. Forget about spending tons of money on invitations for parties and events. You could create a fun invitation using Adobe Slate, and then email it and share it with specific people via email and social media. No more looking up home addresses, stuffing envelopes, or spending money on postage.

Adobe Slate options

Adobe Slate is Easy to Customize

It has all sorts of presets and templates. Simply find the one that fits your message. You can change fonts, change images, and change styles with the swipe or tap of a finger. You can drag text around the screen, meaning you aren’t locked into rigid designs. You can move text to a flat, contrasting part of your background image, making design a snap, even if you aren’t a designer.

I am a designer, and I have to say that I like how easy it is to use. It reminds me of Medium, but with better customization of how it looks. I love the type choices they have available, and I am sure there will be more in the future. You can create something elegant, bold, simple, or fun, all with imagery, typography, and your words. The thing that makes it great is its simplicity. Focus more on what you have to say, and less on fumbling with clunky technology.

Don’t have images? No Problem! Within seconds after telling Slate to find images for me, I was flooded with tons of great choices. I selected the one I wanted and dropped it in, without worrying about money, stock images, credits, or anything else.

Conclusion: Tell Great Stories With Adobe Slate

Go ahead, download it for your iPad. You’ll be blown away with how easy it is to create a beautiful piece that tells a story. You’ll be impressed with the app’s simplicity and your ability to customize it and change things. You can make something yours, without tech fuss. At the end of the day, it’s all about great content.