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Bak One Website Template

Whether you’re a solo designer or you have a creative team, you need a great website. No bones about it, your website is what will get you more business. People will come to your website in order to see your work and learn more about you. That’s why I share free website templates each week. It is of the utmost importance for you to have a website, and with templates like the one I am sharing today there is no excuse for you not to have one. The Bak One website template by W3Layouts is the website template of the week. You can preview the Bak One website template below.

Bak One Website Template

The Bak one website template is a free website template that has a few features that I really like. With a large image and a great call to action button, you will get your visitors attention immediately. The Bak one website template is only one page, but it packs plenty of features to get the job done.

Bak One Website Template portfolio

The portfolio section is very clean. It shows off your work with subtle circular preview images. There are two things I like about the portfolio section. The first one, is the fact that the portfolio is sortable. You can filter your selection based on the categories that you specify. The rest of the portfolio items fade away, so your visitors will see what they are looking for, and get rid of what they’re not interested in. The other thing that I like about the portfolio section, are the hover effects that are applied to each preview image. This adds a great element of interactivity to the website.

Bak One Website Template about

The about us section is a great place to talk about your self and your accomplishments. Whether you’re a solo designer, or you have a creative team, you have a section where each team member can talk about themselves. There is also a hover affect over each portrait that links to each person’s social media accounts, and a dribble account.

Bak One Website Template contact

The contact us section is very simple. There are no frills or extras included. There is a simple contact form, where you can injure your name your email and your message. On the right hand side your visitors can view your address telephone number and email address. The back one website template has everything that you need, and nothing extra.

Download the Bak One Website Template

If you want to create a website that has a lot of impact, without a bunch of extra frills, then the Bak one website template is what you are looking for. With subtle transitions, and sleek however affects, this template provides a great user experience. To download the Bak one website template, click the link below to be taken to the download page.