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Generate More Traffic From Pinterest

Generate More Traffic From Pinterest

There are many websites on the internet that are getting tons of traffic from Pinterest. For these sites, pinterest forms the major traffic source even before search engines and you can achieve the same or at least similar results with the strategies below.  There are a few important steps which need to be applied to get the desired results. This article will focus on explaining how you can generate more traffic from Pinterest. We are not talking about simply putting a “Pin It” button to WordPress. Here are the 5 essential tips to get you started on getting more traffic from Pinterest.

1) Focus on trending topics

Many of people fail to incorporate trending topics into board titles or use them as keywords with captions. It has been seen that pins which feature trending topics experience an almost 94% increase in click-through-rate. Using trending content or products and services is not particularly easy however, if you are paying close attention to search engine marketing these days, you would notice that major departmental stores across the world have started creating boards most especially during the festive season to generate more traffic. Like a board can be created filled with Christmas Day gift ideas in the month of December.

2) Host a contest on Pinterest

Jetsetter, a premium travel deal site, ran a contest sometime which saw a 150% increase in their traffic. One can get the same kind of traffic if a contest is created where participants can pin content from their site or are given the freedom to re-pin the content that is already there on Pinterest linking back to your site. There are actually many ways to create a contest on Pinterest; you just need to look around see what the major companies are doing.

3) Include call to action’ in your captions

Not many people are aware that the marketing strategies which are used in business are also effective in Pinterest. If the content features a “call to action” then it will increase the engagement of a pin in terms of repins and comments by as much as 80%. So it is time to include phrases like “click here” or “comment below” in every caption. One may also include a call to action in the actual image of the pin. To get more referral traffic you can think of linking the call to action with a link in your caption.

4) Pin more teasers

Contrary to popular belief, teasers and tutorial pins see a higher click-through-rate than an average pin. It is true that people love to learn but they also like to share helpful information. One needs to think what kind of information the audience will actually love to share and make pins on that. Teaser pins are the most sought after and it results in a very high click through rate. A teaser pin is actually a bit of text on top of an image that states what a person will find or learn on the other side. There is noting to teach in that pin but it will surely increase their curiosity. This strategy works best for bloggers and service based businesses.

5) Lastly, create original content to pin

If you are thinking of repining some other people’s stuff then you are not going to get anywhere. You must create a visually appealing content of your own and very soon you will find a lot of people waiting to circulate your pins and get you lots of exposure. You can share new template or app in your pin so that they can sign-up and get it for themselves.

If you follow the above-mentioned 5 essential tips diligently then you will find that your traffic from Pinterest increasing at a steady rate. These are proven tips and very soon you will have more traffic from Pinterest than you can possibly handle.

Nicholas Thompson is a successful search engine marketer and social media expert who is always on the look out for various ways to generate more traffic. You can read follow his contributions on Afrodigit – A Technology and SEM blog