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What Do We Consider Eye-Catching?: The Psychology of Attraction

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Articles, Color, Design | 0 comments

The Psychology of Attraction

Eye Catching and attraction.What does shape have to do with visual appeal and human behavior? Can’t you use a triangle in your graphic displays if you want to, for no other reason that you like triangles? Well it turns out, things like shape, color and symmetry have a big impact on how attractive and attention-grabbing your visuals are. So when it comes to business, you should carefully craft all your company’s visuals to maximize attraction.

Triangles are associated with energy and balance, and sometimes science or religion. Squares, on the other hand, demonstrate logic, order and security. Circles are associated with family, wholeness, movement and connection. Whatever shapes you use, symmetry is key. Symmetry is naturally attractive to the human eye, so create balance in your displays—whether you’re talking about a trade show display system or a graphic banner.

Colors also play a huge role in attraction. Choose color combinations carefully, because non-complimentary color combinations can be a major turn-off. Colors adjacent or opposite on the color wheel often make the best combinations. Certain colors are also known for evoking specific emotions. To find out which colors are ideal for your business, check out the infographic below!

This infographic is by, makers of custom tradeshow displays and event exhibits.

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