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Cool Stuff For Designers 4

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Articles, Inspiration, Web Development | 0 comments

Cool Stuff For Designers 4

This week is another jam-packed week with tons of cool stuff for designers. There is tons of inspiration, such as character art and mind-boggling pencil sketches. You’ll see some great examples of hand drawn websites. There’s also a chance to win a free iPhone 5. Check out some great, simplified pictogram movie posters that will make you smile.

There’s also plenty of web development goodies, too! Check out a free boilerplate theme for WordPress. If you love WordPress like I do, you’ll want to know the top sites to visit based on the subject WordPress. There’s also a cool script for infinite drop down menus. You might want to try out the a cool new social media plugin as well. Avoid WordPress malware with an in-depth article covering common types. There are also a couple of Photoshop must-see sources as well. This week has some of the best cool stuff for designers.


iPhone 5 Giveaway from DealPixel


Astonishing Pencil Illustrations by Franco Clun


Responsive Measures


floatShare: jQuery Floating Social Share Plugin


The Amazing Character Art of Dave Rapoza


Html5 Blank WordPress Theme


Common WordPress Malware Infections


Designing Better JavaScript APIs


Quick Tip: Create a Crisp Metallic Text Effect in Photoshop


The Best WordPress Related Websites on the Internet



30 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Style Websites


40 Creative Examples of Pictogram Movie Posters


Productivity-Powerhouse: 40 Perfect Photoshop-Actions To Speed Up Your Workflow


26 of The Best Premium WordPress Themes For Creative Businesses, Agencies and Freelancers


Gradient in CSS3: Circular and Elliptical



5 Free Online HTML Form Builders


Infinite Dropdown Navigation



This week had a lot of great stuff to see. There was a wide variety of cool stuff for designers. There was a lot of css code help and guidance. You also got a list of sites to build free online forms. With Photoshop actions and javascript articles to read, there was a little something for everyone.

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