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Cool Stuff For Designers May 2014

by | May 26, 2014 | Articles, Design, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

A Unique Collection of Stuff For Designers

The web is crawling with new stuff for designers. There are always tons of new freebies and tools out there to save time and money. There is usually a collection of new resources or information for designers, too. If you like free files or the latest information, then this collection of cool stuff for designers should have something you’re looking for.

9 Uniquely Designed WordPress Theme Layouts

Stuff For Designers: uniquely-designed-wp-themes

If you want some inspiration for creating your own unique WordPress theme layouts, you’ll want to check out this collection. A unique layout like one of these may be just the thing you need to spring your site into popularity overnight.

Vintage Infographics

Stuff For Designers: vintage-infographics

Everyone loves the nostalgia of vintage graphics. This collection of free vintage infographics will give your design the retro look that drives everyone wild.

Wooden Business Card Template

Stuff For Designers: wooden-bcard

This has to be one of my favorite freebies. The mix of simple typography and the grainy, rich wood texture makes me want to pick this card up and touch it, whether it’s printed that way or not.

Leaving Pixels Behind

Stuff For Designers: leaving-pixels-behind

Want to learn more about vector graphics? This slideshow will teach you a lot of information about vectors, and is a good place to start for anyone wanting to get up to speed.

Crafty: Free Responsive Html5 & CSS3 Template

Stuff For Designers: crafty-responsive-html5-template

Having a good based template set up for web development can save you tons of times. This template is clean, and basic enough to be a good starting point for any website.

Bootstrap 3 Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Stuff For Designers: bootstrap3-tips

Bootstrap is the framework of choice for thousands of web developers. Any tips or tricks you can pick up to give you the edge over others will make you more successful. Don’t miss these useful tips for Bootstrap 3.

4 Vintage Logo Designs

Stuff For Designers: vintage-labels

Another vintage inspired design, this freebie is a collection of 4 vintage labels that are simple, but effective. These are great for a simple project where you want a little extra attention.



Upload a picture, rip the colors from it, and use them as the theme for your Bootstrap website. This is a great way to match the imagery from your mood board to generate a professional color palette for your client’s website.

Single element CSS spinners


Want to create spinning loading elements? You may not want to use javascript, but you can use these CSS spinners to create a cross browser effect that works.



Create your own self-hosted Dribbble portfolio. In just 3 steps you’ll be up and running with this easy tool.

Project Naptha


I could have used something like this years ago. Being able to actually rip the text from an image, without getting foreign characters is something I used to dream of.

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with CSS


A lot of web designers and developers use javascript for effects, but many people don’t realize that you can do the same things with CSS. This post is excellent for teaching you some common effects that you can pull off with CSS-only techniques.

Google Web Fundamentals


Who better to learn the fundamentals of the web from that Google? This is a work in progress, but I have a feeling it will be a go-to resource for many in no time at all.

Berlin Free Font


With multiple typefaces, this freebie is a great collection of 4 different fonts that you can use. They each have their own look, but they all still seem to work well together.

Conclusion: Great Stuff For Designers

What did you think about this collection of stuff for designers? Do you have an awesome freebie that you want to share with other designers? Feel free to email me a link and I’ll get it included in next months roundup of great stuff for designers.


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