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How to Create Custom Vintage Patterns With Adobe Illustrator

If you’re anything like me, instead of searching the web for half an hour looking for the right pattern, you’d rather just create your own in a matter of minutes. Well, in Adobe Illustrator, you can create vintage patterns easily. You can actually create any pattern you want easily with Illustrator. Yesterday I shared a 4-pack of vintage vector ornaments that you can download for free. In today’s tutorial video, I show you how to take elements from that 4-pack and create your own custom vintage pattern in seconds. You’ll learn how to create custom vintage patterns with Adobe Illustrator.

So how did your custom pattern turn out?

Try out the pattern generator and see what you come up with. I’d love to see the different vector patterns that you guys have created. The possibilities are endless. You can create patterns with any element, even type. It would be interesting to create a typographic pattern with this. Be sure to upload them to Twitter as a Twtpic, Facebook, or Flickr and post the link here in the comments section.

Custom Vintage Pattern

Did you have any trouble with making your own custom vintage pattern in Illustrator? If so, post your questions or comments below.