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How to Create a Facebook Business Cover Page

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Articles, Branding, Social Media | 0 comments

Facebook Business Cover Page Is Important

Many small businesses are using Facebook to promote themselves online but are forgetting one simple detail. The Facebook cover page and how to get it looking good to attract more views from Facebook users and get more likes.

The photo that you choose for your Facebook business cover page is your way of announcing your company to the world.  You can look at it like the reception area of a brick and mortar company so you want to make sure you make a good first impression.  It needs to show the best aspects of your business and you have to do it according to Facebook’s standards.  You can only use so much of the image for text, it cannot be more than thirty percent text, and it has to fit the dimensions properly.  Below are some more tips for creating a Facebook business cover page.

Facebook Business Cover Page

Choosing the Image

You want to choose an image that engages the viewer and that says something about your company. The image should make the viewer want to learn more about you without any calls to action.  Always use high resolution images that pop when the viewers go to your page.  You can use real photos of your business or even your business logo for branding. You can also take a photo of your product line and use this as your cover photo.

Use the Correct Size Photo

You have to make sure that you have the correct sized photo for your cover.  It is long and narrow so you want to have a photo that is large enough that you can position it so the image shows what you want.  If the photo is too small, it will be stretched out and pixelated which looks horrible.  If you want your picture to be perfect, the dimensions are 851 pixels long and 315 pixels high.  You can only have a minimum of 720 pixels in length.  If you follow these dimensions then your cover photo will be the right scale and will look great.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change it

You don’t have to keep the same cover photo forever.  In fact, you should try to change it up a bit every once in a while to keep your viewers interested and to entice new fans to your page.  You can do this to celebrate the seasons or holidays or even to promote a sale or contest.  Feel free to be creative with your cover photo as long as you stay within Facebook’s parameters.

Every business needs to have a great cover photo for their Facebook Business Cover Page and it is not difficult to do if you understand the dimensions that are required.  Also keep in mind the text percentage so Facebook doesn’t remove your photo.  Finally, don’t be afraid to switch up your covers photos when you have promotions or when you want to do something new.  If you are not getting the likes you want on your page you should try changing up your cover page to get viewers engaged again. Otherwise there are many other marketing techniques you could use or even run Facebook ads.

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