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Creative Beacon Free Infographics Template

by | Aug 14, 2013 | Articles, Illustrator, vector | 7 comments

Free Infographics Template

Infographics have exploded in popularity lately. Everywhere you turn there seems to be an infographic going viral on the web. People love them, because they are a creative way of showing data visually. You get a sense of visual scale and you get to see the whole puzzle at once. At the same time, you get to see each piece that makes up that puzzle. It really makes confusing data much easier to digest. It can be tough to stare at an excel spreadsheet and get a sense of what you are looking at. However, you can look at a well designed infographic and get a better sense of the bigger picture, and process the information much quicker. With this in mind, it can be time consuming to create your own infographics. I created a free infographics template you can download for free. Below is a preview of the entire free infographics template.

Creative Beacon Free Infographics Template

Infographic Elements

The Free Infographics Template contains several infographic elements that are useful when creating quality infographics. This template contains elements that are creative ways to indicate data. You have circles and dots and different ways to show quantities and proportional data. There are several circular elements and icons to represent typical data. You will find human icons in male and female. There are also several map and location elements, such as pins and map markers.

Infographic Chart Elements

There are several chart and data elements that will help to represent different variables of data. There is an overlapping line graph, a few bar graph elements and pie charts in different styles. I included a few 3D chart elements as well. There is a 3D bar graph, a 3D circular bar graph, and a split cylindrical chart.

Download the Free Infographics Template

You can use the free infographics template to create your own custom infographics quickly. It is in EPS format and they are all completely editable. To download, all you have to do is subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Click the link green button below and you will receive the download link in your inbox after subscribing.

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