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CSS Properties You Use Everyday

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Articles, CSS3, Web Design, Web Development | 3 comments

Part 1: What CSS Properties Do You Use Everyday?

One of my articles 8 CSS Properties Designers Can’t Live Without was just published on Design Festival, and it got me thinking, what CSS properties do we use everyday and don’t even think about it? Many times we get in to the habit of doing things without thinking, because that is just the way it is done. We don’t give a second thought to why, or how it is done, we just apply our knowledge and go.

CSS Properties You Can't Live Without

With this being said, I just wanted to open the floor to my fellow readers and ask “What CSS properties do you use everyday?” What is a life saver for you each day, making it easier for you to build awesome websites? Do you have certain CSS tricks that you use to make everything line up just right, such as the clearfix trick for making floats display properly? That is a huge one for me. I remember when I first started learning website design, and I couldn’t understand for the life of me why everything went awry, even though I thought that I was doing everything right.

Part 2: What is the most difficult part of CSS for you?

This sort of goes along with part 1, because you may use certain tricks each day, but we all have certain things about web design that we get hung up on. Do you have trouble with CSS3 Gradients? I know I do sometimes. I still have to look at references for css gradients, such as the work arounds for Internet Explorer. I know some people who get hung up for prefixes, such as webkit amd moz, such as which css properties need them specified, and the syntax that goes along with them.

Others have trouble remembering the syntax of CSS in general. Don’t be ashamed, it is like learning another language! You might forget when to specify a color, and when to specify a border thickness, or a border-radius. These aren’t things to feel bad about! Some of these things just aren’t intuitive, and we think like humans and not so much like robots.

So what do you think? What CSS property is your favorite? What about CSS drives you nuts? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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