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Dale Free Html5 Template

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

The Dale Free HTML5 Template

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a free HTML5 template on Creative Beacon. The truth is, there haven’t been that many new free website templates out there. There might’ve been, but they weren’t anything remarkable. Well, this week I’m back with the Dale free HTML5 template by Ethemes. Not only is it responsive, but it comes with some sleek features to. It has nice transitions and even features background video. You can preview the Dale free HTML5 template below.


I like that the main slider fills the screen. Not only is it responsive, but it has a background video that plays as well. It’s not gaudy, and it doesn’t overtake the rest of the site. Actually it fits in with it very nicely. Subtlety is key here. Ethemes even says that you get the video along with the download, as well as any stock images that you see in the preview. This is excellent and most website builders don’t include these in their templates.

Dale free html5 template: Nav

Best of all, Dale is built with bootstrap. This means it’s built on a common framework which makes it easy to edit. Not only does it have a great now have bar with drop-down menus, and also has a mega-drop-down menu. It has multiple columns and even an image on the right side. This shows you just want bootstrap can do.

Dale free html5 template

The Dale free HTM 5 template features a cycling quote section. What’s awesome about this is it has a video that plays subtly in the background. You hardly notice it unless you’re looking for it. Then, it cycles through quotes with subtle transitions.

Dale free html5 template: Projects

The projects section has a full width multicolumn gallery. Each image has a nice hover effect, so that when you click on it a larger image opens in a lightbox.

Dale free html5 template: Team

The team section takes it a bit further than other agency or portfolio templates of its kind. Each portrait has a hover effect, and when you click on it more info about that person comes up in a modal window. It tells you their skills, and it also gives you links to their social media accounts.


The Dale free HTML5 template features a fully working contact form. Receive email inquiries from interested businesses that want your services. Dale also has a nice footer that has a strong sense of contrast compared to the rest of the site.

Dale free html5 template: Blog

Dale also features a dedicated portfolio page that allows you to sort projects the category. It also has a dedicated blog page, so you can create a sophisticated blog on your site.

Download The Dale free HTML5 Template

If you’re looking for a slick, powerful website template, then Dale is the one that you’ll want for your own site. It’s packed with all kinds of features that anyone would want in their site. With big, bold imagery and beautiful transitions, Dale is a professional level website template that you can download for free. Click the link below to be taken to their download page.

Download Dale

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