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Having a Design Blog is Important to Your Freelancing Career

A Design Blog

When you’re first starting out as a designer, the world seems like a huge place. It’s tough to gain recognition. You may feel like you’re in a sea of other designers, and you’re all screaming at the top of your lungs to try and get noticed. One of the best ways to stand out as a designer is to put together a great design blog. This isn’t essential to your career, but it will certainly help. If you can write, and you can design, you have a killer combination of skills. Having a design blog is important to your freelancing career for a few reasons.

You get Your Name Out There

If you feature your work on your design blog’s site, people will eventually look at it. They’ll want to see your approach to different projects, and may even end up hiring you for your strengths.

You Connect With Other Designers

Other designers will come to your site looking for information. If you write quality articles that are highly informative and fun to read, you’ll eventually grow a decent following of other designers.

You Can Earn Additional Revenue

When traffic builds up enough, you’ll be able to add advertisements in your sidebar and generate additional income. This is extremely helpful when you experience slow times in your career.

You Make It Easier to Get Found Online

The more content you put on your site, and the more frequently you update it, the higher you’ll rank on search engines. This is great, because you’re more likely to get found when people are looking for a designer in your area. Just remember to include your location somewhere on your site.

You can Grow a Social Media Following At The Same Time

Include your social media accounts on your website. This will grow your following, because people will connect with you via social media and inquire about work. Any avenue that you can use to drive traffic to you personally is a potential customer. It doesn’t matter how they find you, as long as they do actually find you. it means no less that they found you via Facebook and hired your for work, than it would if they found you via your personal website.

You can Eventually Sell Goods

You could eventually build website templates, WordPress themes, and design templates, increasing your possible revenue. Imagine building a template once, but selling it 100 times for 20- 20 dollars each. When you’re a freelancer, it’s important to have as many streams of income as you can handle.

You Get Great Feedback

When you create something new, you will receive great feedback from people who follow your work. I get some of my best feedback from my Facebook followers. I also get great feedback from a few Google+ communities, too. When you’re a solo freelancer, it’s great to get feedback on your work, especially from other designers. Just make sure you only take advice from designers that are reputable and trustworthy.

It Keeps You On Your Toes

You are constantly thinking about new concepts and ideas. You look at design more objectively when you have to scrutinize everything that ends up on your design blog. This is especially true if you take pride in your content. The better your content is, the more visitors you’ll ave, the more your site will grow, and the more customers that will find you.

You Work Harder to Get Better At Design

When you run a great design blog, you’re always trying to improve. The better you are, the better your work is, and the better your reputation will be. You’ll also work harder to create better freebies and paid templates for your site, too. Also, if you’re going to offer design tips to others, it will be important for you to be the best you can be at design, in order to pass along useful information.

You Keep Up With Trends

You keep up with the latest design trends, so that you can stay ahead of the pack and keep fresh content on your design blog. This helps you two-fold, because your design work will always be fresh and up-to-date.


Running a good design blog can help your freelancing career in a number of ways. If you want to jumpstart your career, it may be something you’ll want to consider. What do you think? Has running a design blog helped your career? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.