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Divi WordPress Theme: Now With a Smooth Front End Builder

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Articles, Wordpress | 0 comments


Divi WordPress Theme 3.0 Is Here!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the latest update to the Divi WordPress theme. 3.0 is here, and I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces. I use Divi as my framework of choice on a lot of different client sites. I also use a mix of select third party plugins to take Divi and push it to the next level. I thought it would be a great time to review the newest update to the Divi WordPress theme.

Updating to Divi 3.0

Okay, so my 1st thought, as with any major update to a WordPress theme, is that when I update, past features will be broken. I was completely delighted to find out that this was totally untrue! I updated my own local web design business website to 3.0 first. I put a lot of trust in Elegant Themes and their developers, and it paid off. Using G Squared Studios as a guinea pig, I tested it out. The site worked as is, with no noticeable differences.


On To The Builder

The modular builder on the back end is the same. However, the new gem in the Divi WordPress theme is called the Visual Builder. The way it works is that you find the page on the back end, and when you click on the Visual Builder button, it reloads the page from the front end. From here, you can start from scratch and start building the page, or you can edit the existing layout. I was able to tweak my website’s design easily, removing extra space and modifying text with a click of a button.

Known Issues

Caching is the only thing I have ran into that causes a problem. If you’re using a plugin, like WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, or your hosting has a varnish cache, like Bluehost does (to make your site faster), you’ll want to temporarily disable those to avoid conflicts and error messages.

For example, I kept getting a translucent white loading screen, but when I disabled my caching plugin, that resolved the issue. Once you’re finished with any major edits, you can reinstate your caching plugin like before.

Back to the features!

So, the new front end builder makes it easy to make new sections, load items from the Divi library, save sections to the Divi library for use later, and customize every aspect of your site. You can:

  • Add sections and rows of content.
  • You can add columns to existing sections.
  • You can edit text live, including customizing certain words.
  • You can add space around elements.
  • You can take space away from areas.
  • You can adjust text size, color and styling.
  • You can access module options from the front end!
  • You can access and modify advanced module options and custom CSS from the front.


Crafting Responsive Websites

The one thing I like about the visual builder is the ability to craft spacing and text size, based on the device. It’s broken down to desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can click on the options and edit things like spacing and font size for each one. You can do this visually from the front end, so there’s no more checking your device and then going back and tweaking, and then checking your device again. The Divi WordPress Theme has come a long way in cutting out the back and forth that I go through a lot.


Common Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the front end editor on posts?

Yes! You can use it to build a new post, or you can edit one you’ve started. Also, you can save it as a draft using the bottom controls (purple menu).

Is there any lag or hang ups in the front end builder?

No, the only issues I encountered was when I had cache enabled. Caching also causes issues in the backend, too. Look for ay caching plugins, and disable them. That should resolve any errors you may encounter. Also, if your hosting uses varnish cache, temporarily disable that while you are building.

Can I drag and drop sections like in the back end modular builder?

Yes! Your mouse will change to a 4-way arrow icon, which means you can drag that entire section to a new location. Easily reoder elements, or change their position within columns.

Will my site look as good in real life as it does in the front end builder?

Yes! You can even craft and fine tune the responsive behavior of your sites, making Divi even more flexible, and even more of a time saver than before. I can’t find a difference in what you see on the live site and what you see while you’re working in the builder.

Does the Front End Builder Work in My local Testing Environment?

Yes! I am running my local testing server in a XAMP environment and the visual page builder worked flawlessly. I was very impressed with the performance of the front end builder in a local testing environment.

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