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Free Assorted Vintage Vectors

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Articles, Graphic Design | 1 comment

Any time that you can find free files to use in your projects, it makes your work day much easier. One thing that designers can’t seem to get enough of, our vintage inspired vector files. In the age of modernizing and streamlining your design style, really stand out. Today, exclusively from Vector Open Stock, we have a collection of assorted vintage vectors. This is a collection of free ribbons and badges that you can use in your design projects. Take a look at the screenshot shown below.

Assorted Vintage Vectors

This exclusive collection of vintage ribbons and badges are excellent for building trust with potential customers. There is something about a vintage design that represents being established and trustworthy. This is especially true for vintage badges. Placing one of these on your promotional materials can build trust and credibility. There are a wide variety of vector ribbons in this file. Some of them wrap around the corner of design elements, while others spend the width of a design element. There are also different variations of ribbons, such as those that wave back and forth.

If you haven’t heard of Vector Open Stock, you should check out their site. They had a great collection of free vector graphics available for download. You can find free templates, such as business card templates and backgrounds that are useful in different projects. You’ll also find free seasonal vector files, such as the Halloween vector graphics featured on their site right now. Many of their vector graphics are completely free. Some require credit to the author, but this is specified for each file.

Download free assorted vintage vectors

These assorted vintage vectors are free to download and use in your projects. To download them, simply click the download button shown below for free instant access.

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