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Free Business Vector Collection

Almost everybody uses images to promote their business. Those images don’t always have to be photographs, though. Sometimes you want to use illustrations or vectors to promote your business. Vector illustrations can give your design a look and feel that you just won’t get from a photograph. Today, I’ve collected a group of awesome business  vector shapes to promote your business. This business vector collection is a free collection of business vector shapes that you would find in most business websites and promotional items. You can download these free business vectors after each preview below.

Business vector: development-icon-set-fullview

This first set of business vectors pertain to the office itself. You can see servers, computer monitors, layout sketches and an envelope. There are also vector images of the keyboard and a coffee mug. These vectors are all images that you would find around the office. This web element vector pack includes .ai, .eps and .psd files.


simple office vectors: Business vectors

This is a great set of vector business silhouette. These silhouette business vector shapes are excellent for showing people without having to get into great detail. Since flat design is in right now these vectors go right along with the current design trend. These business vector silhouettes show business people in different business poses. They are all well dressed, and wearing either a suit and tie shirt and tie or a woman’s business suit. These are great for showing relations between workers within your office and your business. This especially applies to business-to-business companies.


business vector silhouettes

This is another set of business vector silhouettes. These are of men and women that are business-related and they’re standing in casual poses. These are great because they look professional but they are not intimidating.


Business vector: office-supplies-

The next set of free business vectors are of different office supplies. There are phones, recorders, books, notebooks, organizers, a paper shredder, a stapler, and two different calculators. Their are also a multitude of office pen vectors. These are great because they are simple but well done.


Business vectors - office-supplies-02notebooks

This set of business vectors are of different notebooks and notepads that you would find around the office. This could be used in any website that wants to show that you can keep notes or keep them a log of what you are doing. This would also apply to any journal website or a website where you need to keep track of information.



The last set of business vectors or of a briefcase of the day planner your laptop and a notepad. These are all things that you would find around the office and definitely apply to the world of business.


So what do you think about these awesome business vectors? These free business vector shapes are highly useful for illustrating the idea of a business or an office. Some are simple, some are more detailed, but they are all relevant to the business world. If you want to give your business the appearance of a of a professional atmosphere, these free business vectors are for you. Which ones are your favorite?