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Free Calendar September 2012

I am giving away a free calendar for the month of September. It is a gritty stone texture and is free to download. I am including the PSD file as well, so you can download the Photoshop document and alter it, change the fonts, change the textures and more. The free calendar comes with a Photoshop document that is layered with text, stacked layers, clipping layers and more. If you don’t like the texture, import your own and clip it to the shape of the text. Change the days, change the size of the text, or remove the logo altogether. If you want to change the month and use this template for a different month, the text layer is editable and you can create your own custom calendar quickly and easily.

The only thing that I ask for in return is that if you like this and decide that you want to use my files, please share my site with your colleagues, passing it along via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and any other means of social media. Thanks, and be sure to come back frequently for me free files on Creative Beacon.

Free calendar and photoshop template


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