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Free Focal Resume PSD Theme

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Articles, Photoshop | 0 comments

Focal Resume PSD Theme

When you are a web or graphic designer, it’s all about getting work. Landing that next new project always seems to be your goal, even while you are wrapping up a project or two. One of the most important things a designer has to have is a great resume or portfolio, or in this case, both mixed together. The free Photoshop file of the week is an awesome Resume template. It is called the Focal Resume Psd theme. With a killer layout, the Focal Resume PSD Theme is a great template for any designer’s website.

Focal Resume PSD Theme 1

The Header image is a full size image that fills the browser. It is a great place for a dramatic image or portrait of yourself or your work. You can place a personal greeting and a call to action. This website template is intended for a parallax scrolling website, which you can tell from the layout.

Focal Resume PSD Theme 2

I love the personalized section of the Focal Resume PSD Theme. With an up close image and your services listed next to them, this is a great way to build trust. Below, you can see a section for skills, and a rating system referring to your skill level. I like that the contact button is featured underneath the paragraph on the left, so the viewer can skip straight to contacting you for work.Focal Resume PSD Theme 3

A Professional resume is key, and the Focal Resume PSD Theme has a great 2 column layout for listing your qualifications.Focal Resume PSD Theme 4

Work experience follows closely behind, and the layout is similar to the education section. however, I might change or reverse the colors for a variation between sections.Focal Resume PSD Theme 5

Having a scrolling section for testimonials, which is positioned directly above your portfolio is a great way to further build trust and show off your work. Focal Resume PSD Theme portfolio Focal Resume PSD Theme 7

The Contact section is a 2 column layout, just like the rest of the site, and this is a great way to end the page. Visitors will get in touch with you for work.

Focal Resume PSD Theme 8

Download the Focal Resume PSD Theme

The Focal Resume Psd theme is a great free Photoshop template that looks great. It’s a great mockup for creating your own site. You could easily create a responsive template like this using Foundation 5. To download the Photshop template, click the download link below.

Download Focal Resume

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