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Hand Drawn Retro Vectors

There was a distinct style of illustration during the 1950’s that was so iconic that it is instantly recognizable today. When you seen this type of illustration, you instantly recognize it and associate it with being vintage. When drawn correctly, vintage graphics can make a huge difference in making a design  convincingly look vintage. The free vector file of the week comes from a great site called WeGraphics. You can download a set of free hand drawn retro vectors. You can see a preview of these free hand drawn retro vectors below.

Hand Drawn Retro VectorsThis set of hand drawn retro vectors are very well done and look like they came straight from the 1950’s. Created in black and white, they would look great in just about any retro or vintage design. Character design makes any design look more personable, and you immediate connect with the visual impact of these characters. You just can’t help but to notice them. Also, like in the image above, having a character point directly at an object or words is great for getting a lot of attention for things like calls to action or buttons.

Hand Drawn Retro VectorsAbove, this image gives you an idea how you can showcase important information by using these vector images in your designs.

Hand Drawn Retro Vectors

Download These Free Hand Drawn Retro Vectors

Simplistic in their execution, these hand drawn retro vectors look great over textures, making it easy to create convincing vintage designs. What will you use these vintage characters for? They would be great for a vintage website design. They would add a ton of personality to your site. Combine them with vintage shapes and textures and you will have a stellar retro design that will get your business a lot of attention. To download these hand drawn retro vectors, click the green download button below. You’ll be taken to WeGraphics’ download page where you can pick these up for free.