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Free Stationary Branding Kit

We all want to present our work in the most professional way possible. A lot of our success depends on not just the design itself, but the presentation that goes with it. With that being said, it can be a time consuming process to gather all of our materials together and shoot photos of our work. There are premium resources available out there where we can throw our work into mockups, but why spend your hard earned money on those when Santiago Moreno has created an awesome Stationary Branding Kit for free? This is a great stationary branding kit that is created from scratch in Photoshop. Simply place your work on each element in the kit and that’s it. All of the elements are already created for you.

Stationary branding kit

What’s included in the Stationary Branding Kit?

You’ll find all sorts of elements that can be branded in the stationary branding kit. You find things like an iPhone, iPad Mini, CD, Sketchbook, Sticker, a horizontal and vertical business card, pencils, envelope, flyer, letter, Moleskine, a book and a notebook. all of these items are laid out for you in a neat and organized fashion. Each piece is broken down into its own layer or folder, and it is completely editable. The file is high resolution, so it is print ready. If you are using it for the web, you can just use Save for Web in Photoshop and specify the width or height that you want. The file is placed on a neutral grey background and this is an excellent, professional presentation that would wow any client.


What do you think of the free stationary branding kit? The file is free for personal and professional use. You just can’t redistribute or sell the template yourself. You can, at your own discretion, make a donation to Santiago Moreno, but it isn’t necessary to download the file. To Download, click the green button below to be taken to the download page on his site.