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Free St Patricks Day Vectors That’ll Have You Green With Envy

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Articles, vector | 0 comments

Free St Patricks Day Vectors

Coming up next week is St Patrick’s Day, known for wearing green, getting pinched and drinking a pint of your best ale. With the upcoming holiday in mind, I’ve decided to round up a collection of free St Patricks Day vectors you can download and use. These free St Patricks Day vectors can be used for promotional materials, or just for fun. Get your green on with these awesome free St Patricks Day vectors.

St Patrick’s Day Labels




Honestly, when I first saw this set, I thought it was for making a deck of playing cards. This would still be pretty cool, and I would definitely play with them.


St Patrick’s Day Icons


This is a set St. Patrick’s Day icons that represent the typical things that you would see on St. Patrick’s Day. With things like four leaf Clovers, a pot of gold, rainbows and leprechauns, you will have everything you need to represent St. Patrick’s Day.


St Patricks Day Flyer


Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day event? This flyer will be a great way to promote that event. I especially like the typography composition on the front side. The gold and green colors work well together.


St Patrick Patterns

free St Patricks Day vectors - Patterns

This is a set of eight St. Patrick’s Day patterns that you can use your projects. With stripes, clovers, and argyle patterns, you’ll have plenty to work with.


St Patricks Day Vectors Pattern


This pattern is a colorful representation St. Patrick’s day. This would be great when used sparingly for a promotional item for St. Patrick’s day.


Leprechaun Vectors


You can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without leprechauns. This is a collection different leprechaun cartoon characters that you can use as mascots in your projects.


Hand Drawn St Patrick’s Day Elements

free St Patricks Day vectors - hand drawn

Hand drawn elements are always popular. These hand-drawn Saint Patrick’s Day elements are in vector format, and will look great when creating an organic style design.



St Patrick’s Day Badges


This is a collection of St. Patrick’s Day vector badges that you can use on your promotional items.


St Patrick’s Day Bokeh Background


This St. Patrick’s Day background would be great for anything from posters to greeting cards. It is colorful and really stands out, getting your attention instantly.


Vintage St Patrick Cards


This set of St. Patrick’s Day cards could be used for a variety of purposes. You might consider using these four price tags or other small elements.


St Patricks Day Badges


This set of St. Patrick’s Day badges are a simple approach to the holidays. Each one is meant to be used in one color, but you can add multiple colors to really make these pop.



Hope you enjoy this collection free St. Patrick’s Day vectors. They are clean, fun, and would spice of any design project. Which one is your favorite? I really like the bokeh background, because it could be used in almost anything.

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