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Free Vector File of The Week: 100 Infographic Elements

by | Apr 27, 2013 | Design, Illustrator | 7 comments

Free Vector File: 100+ Infographic Elements

The free vector file this week is absolutely amazing. If you want to create your own infographics, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Today’s free vector file contains over 100 infographic elements. There are so many parts and pieces, that I doubt this set is missing anything that you need. The best part is that this free vector file is in native Illustrator format, so you can just bring it directly into Adobe Illustrator and get to work. below are some shots of today’s free vector file.

Circle Charts, Bar Graphics & Ribbons

free-vector-file-infographic_0000_Layer 2

With circular elements and line graphs, you’ll be able to show off quantitative data with style.

3D Bar Graphs, Plot graphs, Maps

free-vector-file-infographic_0001_Layer 3

The skewed 3D bar graphs are great for 3-4 pieces of information that you want to show in a small space. The grid map is great for plotting coordinates and the plot point graph is great for tracking figures over time.

Large Bar Graphs, Pie Charts

free-vector-file-infographic_0002_Layer 4

The line graph is excellent for highlighting a range of numbers. The thick solid bar graphs show a lot of emphasis on numbers.

Circles & Figures

free-vector-file-infographic_0003_Layer 5

Need to show an amount of people? Use these figures to show off human data. There are also some circular charts and flat pie charts to help you with that.

Map & Tool Tips

free-vector-file-infographic_0004_Layer 6

This map is excellent for showing region-specific information using simplistic tool tips.

Line Graphs, 3D Bar Graphs

free-vector-file-infographic_0005_Layer 7

Here, you can see the different line graphs and 3D vertical bar graphs. These are definitely beautiful and creative ways to show data for multiple variables.

Circles With Shading & Vertical Gauges

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0008_Layer 10

These circular elements have a lot of visual contrast, due to the solid circles and the shaded empty areas.

Diagrams & More Bar Graphs

free-vector-file-infographic_0007_Layer 9

These diagrams and informational elements are great for showing simple data.

Circular Elements & Plot Graphs

free-vector-file-infographic_0006_Layer 8

The circle chart & pie chart overlay combo really emphasizes the differences in data. Using a central icon instantly tells you what the data is mainly about.

Flow Charts

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0009_Layer 11

Use these flow charts to lead visitors from section to section, making sequential data easy and fun to understand.

Stacked Elements

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0012_Layer 14

These stacked elements add an extra element to data with their 3-dimensional qualities.

Icon Sets

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0011_Layer 13

A set of flat icon sets for simple data and visual representation.

Circle Flow Chart

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0010_Layer 12

A flow chart with circular elements and solid lines. Being numbers makes sure that your viewers know where to begin and where to end.

Arrows & Shapes

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0013_Layer 15

Showing arrows in a different light, these elements and shapes work together to separate data, while still looking unified.

Tech Trees & 3D Bar Graphs

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0016_Layer 18

Need to show a tree of information? Use these elements to break down information. The 3 dimensional bar graph makes simple data interesting.

3D Pie Chart

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0015_Layer 17

This 3D pie chart uses color and vertical height to emphasize the difference in data.

Cylindrical Bar Graphs

free-vector-file-inforgraphic_0014_Layer 16

These 3D cylindrical elements are unique and really break down multifaceted types of information in a visually compelling way.


This week’s free vector file is an excellent source of infographic elements for your quality infographic designs. With several uniquely designed elements, these free vector elements can suit the needs of any infographic. It has a wide array of elements to visualize data. What will you use these free vector infographic elements for? Click the download button below to be taken to the download page.


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