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Free Animal Vectors

This week’s free vector file of the week is a really cool one. If you’ve ever wanted free vector animals for your designs, this is the freebie for you. Today, I have found 41 free animal vectors for your designs by Lukasiniho. These free vectors will come in handy for all types of projects. Creating any vector animal shape from scratch can be a pain. Imagine trying to do this from scratch! Trying to get each animal to look like it should could be a nightmare. This would be a long, time consuming process. Check out the 41 free animal vectors you will be downloading below.

Free Animal Vectors: 12 Free Animal Vectors: 14 Free Animal Vectors: 15 Free Animal Vectors: 2 Free Animal Vectors: 25 free-animal-vectors-26 free-animal-vectors-27 free-animal-vectors-9 free-animal-vectors-41 free-animal-vectors-40 free-animal-vectors-39 free-animal-vectors-38 free-animal-vectors-37 free-animal-vectors-36 free-animal-vectors-35 free-animal-vectors-34 free-animal-vectors-33 free-animal-vectors-32 free-animal-vectors-31 free-animal-vectors-30 free-animal-vectors-29 free-animal-vectors-28 free-animal-vectors-24 free-animal-vectors-23 free-animal-vectors-22 free-animal-vectors-21 free-animal-vectors-20 free-animal-vectors-19 free-animal-vectors-18 free-animal-vectors-17 free-animal-vectors-16 free-animal-vectors-13 free-animal-vectors-10 free-animal-vectors-8 free-animal-vectors-7 free-animal-vectors-6 free-animal-vectors-5 free-animal-vectors-4 free-animal-vectors-3 free-animal-vectors-1

The part I like the most about this set of free animal vectors is that each animal is a separate file, so you don’t have to sift through each one. They are also labeled, telling you what animal they are. They are even in native Adobe Illustrator format. This is excellent, because they are no conversions or anything of that nature. You simply open each animal shape in Adobe Illustrator and start working.

These free animal vectors are great for a wide variety of projects. You could use them for a local zoo project. You might also use them for an animal shelter ad. The range of different animals is fantastic! You have some animals from land, some that fly, and some are aquatic. You could use any of these animal sets as a theme for a design. You could also use any of these free animal vectors as the starting point for a really nice animal illustration. Since they are vector you could bring them in as smart objects into Photoshop. There you could use them to start a digital painting. The applications are literally endless!


The free vector file of the week is actually a free pack of 41 individual files of free animal vectors. Above I listed a few ideas of projects that you could use these files for. Which one of these free animal vectors are your favorite? What are you going to use these for? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.