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Free Website Photoshop Template Triumphant

by | Dec 22, 2012 | Articles, Photoshop, Tutorials | 1 comment

Photoshop Template Triumphant

I designed a new Website Photoshop template for you to be able to mockup your next website easily. The overall design is simple. The area above the fold features a large slider with  text content and a signup button. You could have this link to your signup page and gain a lot of subscribers. This Photoshop template is free for current subscribers and is available for new subscribers after signing up.

header-Photoshop Template

The Triumphant Photoshop template is layers and organized into sections. The layers are grouped and broken down into the main areas of the site. This will make it easy to navigate to the right section of the Photoshop template that you wish to alter. Everything is labeled, and all boxes are created using shapes. Simply double-click on the shape icon and go up to the options bar.. There, you can change the fill and add a stroke to any shape found in the Photoshop template.

middle - Photoshop Template

The Triumphant Photoshop template is free for you to use in any project, whether it is commercial or personal. Change it, rearrange it, you can literally do anything you want with it. You can replace the logo with your own, you can change the colors, delete parts of the template, and add your own parts. The footer contains a signup form example, and it would be a good idea to incorporate it into the footer of your own website.

footer Photoshop Template

Conclusion & Download the Triumphant Photoshop Template

You can save tons of time by starting with a ready made mockup of a website. This makes it easy to rearrange elements, so you can focus on the layout of your site, and not on the actual creation of each element. Just remember to align elements using good design principles, and utilize a solid grid so that your website is well structured. Sign up for the weekly newsletter and you’ll receive this Photoshop template in your inbox, along with a few other quality freebies for designers.


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