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Halcyon Days Free One Page Website Template

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Halcyon Days

Getting back to my regularly scheduled posts, it’s Wednesday, so you know it’s time for a free website template. Pretty much any template that I share is going to be responsive. Not only that, it’s also going to be built with a responsive framework and HTML5 like bootstrap or Foundation 5. This week’s free website template is called Halcyon Days by Peter Finlan. Halcyon Days is a free, one page, responsive website template. It is simple, elegant, and it looks great.

Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days is a parallax scrolling website. The background stays in place, while the front sections scroll over top of it. It features the minimal hamburger icon in the top right-hand corner. When you click on it, the main menu becomes visible. Otherwise, you can simply scroll down to see the rest of the website.


Halcyon Days features subtle transitions that add interest to an otherwise simplistic website template. I love how the different sections fade into view in order. There are a mix of different layouts available, and you even get to see the background peek through a gap in one of the sections. This section features large text, which is great for calling attention to an important message.


Each section, with images and the team members section, automatically scroll and cycle through different slides. This keeps you looking through the website as you scroll down. These elements add interactivity to what would otherwise be a basic website template. Call to action button really stands out against the background as well.

Halcyon Days team

I especially like how the contact information is broken up into three separate blocks at the bottom of the page. All of the extra negative space around each of these elements only emphasizes the attention that they get.



Download Halcyon Days

You can download this awesome one-page website template and use it for free in your personal or commercial projects. You can’t redistribute or sell this template anywhere, so honor Peter Finlan’s wishes. Also, if you really like this template, be sure to share it via social media and spread the word. Click the link below to be taken to download page.

Download Halcyon Days

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