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How Content Creates Interest

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Articles, Design | 0 comments


Compelling Content

The struggle for web traffic is a constant battle. Consumers have so many businesses and blogs vying for their attention, how can you stand out in the barrage of web marketing with website or blog interface? Consumers don’t want fluff; they want substantive content — information that engages their attention. Only then will they turn into customers. But how do you create a compelling website and what can you learn from those who have done it right? Here’s a look:


Make your products available from the outset of your website, if you have one. Quick View buttons that give essential information about the product displayed are a must. The interactive aspect of promotes the exploration of visitors, which is something you can learn from. Note the plethora of options in each Quick View display. Also note the use of clean space behind each flower arrangement. Nothing distracts the eye from what the customer is offered. The background colors are soft in comparison with the brightness of the flowers, which also catches the eye.


Minimalism utilizes negative space and simple interfaces for easy customer navigation. No company has utilized this better than Apple. Apple’s website is a masterpiece in this respect — the slideshow showcases their newest products, each with a simple and direct tagline. The iPad Pro has a statement of “Thin. Light. Epic.” While the new Apple Watch is branded with, “To wear it is to love it.” Each product image is set upon a white backdrop, which makes the products pop off the screen. The links near each image offer further information, but don’t force it or clutter up the initial site. Over explanation can drive traffic elsewhere if the website or blog doesn’t feel navigable.


Whether you seek more web traffic for your website or blog, design is key. Help Scout, for instance, has taken a minimalist approach, though uses far more color than Apple does. Help Scout also uses icons and large block letters with a couple simple links at the top of the blog. This blog is nothing but readable.

Microsoft’s Stories blog brings readers closer with those who use Microsoft products in their everyday lives. The tile format of the blog utilizes the same format as the Windows OS, and is reminiscent of the Microsoft logo. Each image is a link to a human interest story. This is a clever way you can also use images as interactive links.

The Crew blog is minimalist in some unique ways. The page opens on a single story. There’s no scroll room at all, just a link for the whole story. Below the featured story is a subscribe option. Grow your follower base by making your subscribe button available and obvious.


Photography should never be overlooked on websites or blogs. Catch the eye of users like Moment does, with landscape shots that implement the rule of thirds so that the subject of each image is out of the center of the photograph. Notice, also, the use of text within each of the images on the website. While the minimal text here doesn’t give much away, it puts users in the photograph and turns them into part of the experience rather than simply outside viewers.

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