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Hyperspace: A Creative Free Website Template

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Articles, Web Design, Web Development | 3 comments

Hyperspace: Clean, Creative & Responsive

It’s Wednesday again, so you know it’s time to share the free html5 website template of the week. I can honestly say I am a fan of HTML5Up’s work, and Hyperspace is the template that made the cut. Hypespace is clean, responsive, and shows that you can create a great website, without having to throw in a bunch of bells and whistles. Hyperspace is simple, but effective, with great visuals and a clean design. Let’s take a look at Hyperspace.

Hyperspace top

The navigation menu is simple, making it so that you can click to go to each section of the page. I like how it is small and inconspicuous, and that the nav elements are centered. The colors are bold, and when combined with the imagery, you get an effective design with plenty of contrast.

Hyperspace article

Hyperspace is more about subtlety, rather than astonishing effects. Take, for example, the simple hover effect over each button. I like the section that shows what they do. The layout is a simple grid, with small icons. They are small enough that they don’t overpower the design, but they add an element of interest that represents each concept.

Hyperspace what we do

The contact form at the bottom of the page is gorgeous. When you click in a form field, the outline brightens, which is a nice, subtle effect that adds a touch of usability. You won’t have any question which section you are on.

Hyperspace contact

Download Hyperspace

Hyperspace is yet another great website template by HTML5Up. Its bold colors and clean design make it a great basis for any one page website that wants to make an impact. The template is sleek and has a strong sense of style that makes it great to base any website on. Hyperspace is free to download. Simply click the link below to visit the download page.

Download Hyperspace Now

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